National Train Enquiry System (NTES)

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is a magical and revolutionary way to discover what trains are running next, where they’re going, how long the journey will take, and how many ticket types are available. You can quickly check IRCTC PNR status, train running status, and train schedule.

What is NTES?

As per reports, it is the same as, the official website of Indian Railways. It is not an application for mobile phones but a website. National Informatics Centre has developed it, and the first service was launched in April 2002. The site offers information on all passenger railway stations in India and provides comprehensive details of train schedules and ticketing availability, among other facilities. More and more people are using this site to book tickets, especially in the new age of youth like us. Also, Now with railofy, you can book tickets and even order food on the train seamlessly.

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NTES offers two ways to search for information about trains

  1. Search by PNR Number:
    You can search for your train by entering your PNR number in NTES and you will be directed to information about your train.
  2. Search by Train No:
    You can search for your train by entering its number and obtain information about departure time, seat availability, etc., about that particular train.

How can the NTES website help?

The website can be really helpful, check out how

Spot Your Train NTES:

This is a feature of NTES that allows you to search for your train and find its current status. NTES provides accurate details about the trains running in the Indian Railways Network. For example, NTES tells the train number, departure timing, next stop etc.

Seat Availability:

The passenger can choose the type of accommodations and confirm availability by entering his or her PNR number in this feature of NTES which will return confirmation messages or show that there are no seats available on that particular train at that time.

Live Station Status at NTES:

The live station status tells you if the train is arrived or departed at the station and whether the platform is ready for boarding. The passenger can also know if there is a delay in the arrival of that particular train.

Train Between Stations:

This feature of NTES helps you to plan the train journey. It shows you the time taken by that particular train even if its schedule is not changed. It also tells you the route and stations covered by that particular train. With Railofy you can search trains between stations with just a single click.

Train PNR Update Status:

This feature of NTES suggests to you if the status of your PNR has changed or not. You can also see the full details about your PNR along with other passengers’ details like surname, date of birth, gender etc. You can easily check your PNR status and its confirmability with Railofy.

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Train Cancellation:

If your train is cancelled due to any reason, then you can check the cancellation status at NTES and can also check the status of your ticket. To know more about train cancellation, check out this video here:

Train Reversal:

This feature of NTES helps you to know if there is a reversal in your train or not and where it will be going after this reversal.

Accommodations Reservation:

As there are many trains that have multiple berths, it might be difficult for the passenger to book his/her seat or berth in advance. So with this feature, you can easily reserve births in advance to avoid chaos later. Check out Railofy’s blog on IRCTC Train Seats Classes and choose your birth carefully.

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With Railofy, you can easily book tickets and make your train journey flawless. You can quickly check your IRCTC PNR status and even order food on the train. Railofy has definitely made life easier. isn’t it?


How do I spot my train at the website?

You can Spot your train with the help of Spot your train feature, by just entering your train name or PNR.

What is Live Train Running Status?

For Indian railway trains, the term “live train running status” refers to the precise location of each train as well as any current delays. The estimated time of the train’s arrival at upcoming stops is also included.

How to check the 10-digit PNR Number status?

The easiest way to check PNR prediction is via a phone call to 139. This number is available 24×7 and is the customer care number of the Indian Railways.

What is the quickest way to check your IRCTC PNR status?

WhatsApp is the quickest and most efficient way to check your train ticket PNR status. You can drop your 10-digit PNR number on 9881193322 and the bot will show you the needful.

What are the other uses of the IRCTC PNR numbers?

PNR number aside from checking the journey status also helps you order food. Railofy Hotplate has features of bulk ordering food for your group of family and friends during the journey. The food is delivered to your train seat.