National Rail Museum: The Mecca of Railway Fans

Indian Railway has a rich history. Much before IRCTC and booking train tickets online existed, they have been serving the country. By making train ticket booking affordable, they have made many train travels possible. Indian Railway Enquiry has served for decades handling issues of the public. The Indian Railway Reservation Counters have been running for well over a century. Therefore, the history of Indian Railway has been quite amusing.
The National Rail Museum is a must visit place for any train lover. Why? Because it showcases the 160 years old history of railways. This history contains stories before India became an independent nation. The first of its kind, this transport Museum was opened on Feb 1, 1977.

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National Rail Museum- A must visit for Train lovers

Reaching the National Rail Museum

The first destination is Delhi. To arrive in Delhi, you can book train tickets on the Railofy app. Learn how to book tatkal tickets here.
Take a metro ride to Dhaula Kaun or Not Bagh. These are very close to the National Rail Museum.
Auto, Cabs and taxis are also available to this museum located near Bhutan Embassy in Chanakyapuri.

Why should you visit?

The Museum has miniature replicas and full-scale models of the trains from a time when checking PNR status was not as easy as it is now on Railofy. The Museum shares stories from 1853. This story is about a passenger train traveling from Bori Bandar to Thane in Mumbai.

List of main attractions

Indian Railway First Inland Made Locomotive

In the year 1895, much before tatkal tickets were a thought, India designed F-734, the first locomotive made in India. This locomotive was in operation until 1958. A commendable 63 years of service and countless train ticket booking for the first locomotive.

Indian Railway Patiyala State Monorail

Patiyala Monorail is the only steam Monorail in the world. With three wheels and self balancing this train was different. This train journey is available for tourists on weekends. And the best part, you don’t need your IRCTC login to board this one.

Virtual train journey in 3D

The IRCTC live running status for this train is stopped at one station. But it will still give you an experience of travelling. The Virtual train experience simulates the train travel experience. No need to worry about IRCTC train ticket availability. Just get inside the museum and enjoy a journey of a lifetime.

The Rails Restaurant of Indian Railway

This restaurant is built inside a replica of CSMT, Mumbai. It showcases 42 railway systems made by the British alongside the rulers of India. To serve food at your table, you will be delivered via a miniature steam engine from back in the day when train food used to be mediocre. Now you can order your favorite food on train. Learn how to order food on train here.

Royal Saloon Cars

The IRCTC live running status of royal trains from back in the day may be not running anymore, but these saloon cars are still mesmerizing many on a regular basis. The Prince of wales had one, the Maharaja of Baroda had one. Designed with exotic materials like gold and ivory, these saloon cars are worth a visit.

There are many more reasons to go to the Rail Museum. The souvenir shop can get you toy trains and decorative. The largest rail garden is a sight to behold. The fireless engine is a mind-blowing idea. The gallery takes you back in time when IRCTC user ID didn’t exist. So why wait, pay the place a visit.