MEMU Trains are introduced by Indian Railways

MEMU train services have been launched by the Indian Railways for the benefit of passengers. These train services will run in the railroad division between Delhi, Rohtak, and Delhi. Three-phase technology will be included in these MEMU trains. Divisional Railways Manager Dimpy Garg said to the media that “MEMU train services will be added in train numbers 04453, 04454, 04456, and 04457.” The Northern Division of Indian Railways will receive sixteen more carriages for MEMU trains.

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In order to keep up with the fast-paced world and provide a better travel experience, the Indian Railways created these MEMU trains. MEMU is a synonym for electrical multiple units that are injected. An Indian commuter rail system that operates in semi-urban and rural locations might be the electrified Multiple Unit. As opposed to EMU trains, which are intended specifically for urban and semi-urban settings.

Speciality of MEMU Trains-

 MEMU railway area units are designed for rural and semi-urban settings. MEMU trains also have finish vestibules or gangway connections, which EMU trains do not have. Unlike regular trains, MEMU trains only require maintenance every 10 to 15 days. This decreases train delays and saves money for maintenance for Indian Railways. The primary benefit of MEMU trains is their ability to accelerate and decelerate more quickly.

New MEMUs have been introduced by the Integral Coach manufacturing facility (ICF), and they can move (with passengers) at speeds between 110 and 130 kmph. A three-phase locomotive on this train operates on a 25 kilovolt current, using 35 percent less energy. It offers coach announcements and GPS-based traveler information systems. It has gangways, sliding doors, a CCTV camera, and racks for bags. The coach has an emergency communication system, and the driver’s cabin has air conditioning.


1) Why are MEMU Trains introduced?

In order to keep up with the fast-paced world and provide a better travel experience, the Indian Railways created these MEMU trains.

2)What is special about MEMU Trains?

The commuter train system in India is operated by Indian Railways and has a maximum speed of approximately 100 kmph and an average speed of about 50 kmph. These new trains will be safer and more comfortable than passenger trains since they will feature two restrooms in each coach.

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No, unreserved tickets do not receive a PNR number. Only Reserved Tickets are permitted to use it.

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