How to Check IRCTC Train Ticket Availability?

When booking tickets, especially during festivals and holidays, it could be a hassle. Knowing train seat availability can increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. Let’s know more about IRCTC Train Ticket Availability!

Checking Indian Railway Train Ticket Availability Online –

Follow these simple steps to check IRCTC Train Ticket Availability. 100 % Accurate and Genuine results!

  • Step One: Enter your Home and Destination Details. Fill in other details like the date and number of travelers. 
  • Step Two: Click on Search and you will get a complete list of all available trains. Railofy’s smart recommendation feature helps you pick trains with the highest chance of confirmation. Other Train details like running time, alternate dates, and routes will also be displayed!
  • Step Three: You can now simply Book IRCTC Train Tickets.


1) Is Train Availability the same for all trains?

No, the train ticket availability is not the same. Different trains have different seat availability owing to popular routes, the timing of the train, festivals, and more.

2) At what time does IRCTC prepare the chart?

The IRCTC prepares the first chart 4 hours before the train departure and the other 30 minutes before departure time.

3)What is the adequate time period in which I need to book tickets?

Train Tickets should be booked 120 days before the planned trip. This ensures you the best chances of getting confirmed train tickets on your preferred train. Also, when you book train tickets from Railofy, you can opt for free cancellation and instant refunds.

4)Is the station code required to know the train/seat availability?

No, you do not need a station code for this. All you need to add is home and destination details

5)What can one do when looking at train availability and booking at the last minute?

The chances of available train tickets at the last moment are very slim. The best option is to purchase tickets in Tatkal. Tatkal Tickets go live one day before the train departure.

6)How to check my Train Ticket Status?

To check your train ticket status, you would need your PNR number. The PNR status tells you what your ticket status is at the moment, for example, RAC, WL, or more. Check IRCTC PNR Status easily with Railofy