Super Vasuki- India’s Largest Train

Meet the 3.5 km long Super Vasuki, India’s longest train, which has 6 engines and 295 wagons, at Indian Railways.

According to the national transporter, Super Vasuki is the longest and heaviest freight train ever operated by Indian Railways. It crosses a station in around four minutes.

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The Super Vasuki freight train, which is the longest and heaviest in all of India at 3.5 kilometers long with 295 loaded wagons transporting over 27,000 tonnes of coal between Korba in Chhattisgarh in Rajnandgaon in Nagpur, just underwent a test run. 

Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw posted a video of the train going past the Kothari Road station on his Twitter account. In contrast, Australia’s BHP Iron Ore is the world’s longest freight train with a length of 7.352 kilometers (also the longest train overall).

On August 15, at 13:50, the South East Central Railway train departed Korba for a 267-kilometer journey that took 11.20 hours. The largest and heaviest freight train ever is here the national transporter stated that the train is operated by the Railways and that it crosses a station in roughly four minutes.

All you need to know about Super Vasuki – 3.5km long train

According to officials, the Super Vasuki carries enough coal to operate a 3000 MW power plant for a whole day. This can transport three times as much coal in a single trip as the 90-car, 100-ton rail rakes that are now in use. Five goods trains were combined into one rake to create the train. In order to avoid fuel shortages for power plants, the Railways intends to adopt this configuration (longer freight trains) more frequently, particularly to transport coal during the period of high demand. Coal shortages earlier this year had plunged the nation into a serious power crisis.


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5)What special features does the Super Vasuki train have?

The Super Vasuki, which has a length of 3.5 km, 6 locomotives, and 295 carriages, is the longest train in India. Indian Railways operates the coal-transporting train.

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