IRCTC rethink Senior Citizen Discounts

Are Indian Railways restoring concessions for senior citizens?

IRCTC rethinks Senior Citizen discount is all over news. A post about the Indian Railways thinking about getting back senior citizen discounts for both general and sleeper classes gained much popularity on social media. However, the Railways will only offer discounts for non-AC travel. This also means raising the age limit for concession fares from the present 58 for women and 60 for men to include those who are over 70. 

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It is believed that the objective is to maintain the senior allowance while balancing the cost of offering these concessions to the Indian Railways. Moreover, they were aware that these accommodations help the elderly, and would not be removed entirely. It was further mentioned that the IRCTC trains are considering it and will make a decision soon.

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How will it impact the senior citizens?

The transporter’s responsibility will be reduced by lowering the senior citizen concession’s age requirements and limiting it to individuals who are at least 70 years old, said the source. Earlier, the senior citizen discount used to be available to men and women who were 60 years of age and older. whereas women were qualified for 50%. Men and transgender people were given a 40% discount on all classes. According to the reasoning, if we stick to the sleeper and general classes,  70% of travelers can be accommodated.

What is the “Premium Tatkal” Scheme introduced by the Indian Railways about?

 The introduction of the “Premium Tatkal” programme on all trains is another choice the Indian Railways is inspecting. Higher revenue will result from this, which may help to lessen the impact of the concessions. There are now 80 trains that use this scheme.

IRCTC trains  reserve a small number of seats through the Premium Tatkal Scheme with variable fare pricing. The purpose of this quota is to make last-minute travelers who are prepared to pay a little more, travel comfortably. Also, visit Railofy for easy and comfortable train booking, travel guarantee for waitlist, food in train, pnr status, whatsapp alerts & more.

In addition to Tatkal fees, the Premium Tatkal cost is the standard rail fare. Due to the more than 50 different kinds of offers it provides to different groups of passengers, the national transporter bears a significant burden of almost Rs 2,000 crore each year. About 80% of the discounts offered by it are the result of the senior citizen concession.


1.When was the Senior Citizen Concession facility from the Indian Railways discontinued?

This facility was withdrawn in March 2020 and was not available during the covid times.

2.Will discounts be provided for senior citizens traveling in AC trains?

No, a discount will be given for non-AC travel only.

3.Is this news confirmed by the Indian Railways?

IRCTC Trains has not yet made any such announcements. 

4.The premium Tatkal Scheme is currently applicable in how many trains?

As of now, it is applicable in around 80 trains.

5.Can senior citizens order fresh food while traveling in IRCTC trains?

Yes, they can get the cleanest food delivered at their seats from the best restaurants by placing an order through Railofy Hotplate!