Confirmed IRCTC Train Ticket Booking

We all know the hassle of booking confirmed train tickets. You have to book at the correct time or else you will end up with a waitlist ticket with very low chances of confirmation!

Booking Train Tickets on Railofy ensures the highest chances of confirmation and this is how :

  • Smart Recommendation feature: An advanced algorithm on Railofy predicts confirmation chances of your waitlisted ticket. While booking a ticket when only waitlisted tickets are available, Railofy can tell you the odds of it being confirmed.
  • Railofy has other features too! Check this video out and discover how Railofy is the best option for all your train need!

Steps to Confirmed IRCTC Ticket Booking on Railofy:

  1. Download the Railofy App

    For fast confirmation, always use an app. Download are app on Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Fill in your details

    Click Book Train Ticket and go on to fill all the details. Add departure date, source station, destination date, class of seat and more
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  3. Search Results

    After adding required details, click on Search Trains. Railofy will filter out the best trains for you. Our smart recommendation feature will help you choose high confirmation train tickets

  4. Select the train

    As per your requirements, select the train and berth preference. You can also purchase our Travel Guarantee Feature. Here’s all you need to know about that :

  5. Proceed with booking

    Now, enter your IRCTC Login ID. You can also save your user ID for future!

  6. Make Payment

    It’s almost done. All you need to do is pay for the ticket!

What to do after Indian Railways Train Ticket booking?

After, you have booked your train ticket, proceed to check your PNR Status. You can check your PNR Status easily here. To know more about PNR Staus, click here.

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Confirmed IRCTC Train Ticket Booking FAQs

How to do online train ticket booking?

Download Railofy app, enter travel and personal details and make payment. Enter IRCTC credentials and you will get a confirm ticket if available.

How does Railofy help in IRCTC ticket booking?

Railofy has less traffic and ensures a smooth ticket booking experience. Travel Guarantee feature of Railofy ensures you never miss a trip.

Can I get my PNR status on Railofy?

You can easily check PNR status on Railofy app or website. Just enter your PNR number and you will get your PNR status.

Can I book Tatkal Tickets on Railofy?

Tatkal ticket booking is made easy on Railofy. Visit the app, enter travel details, select your train from the ones that are available and get confirmed Tatkal Tickets.

How many IRCTC train tickets can I book at one time?

You can book up to 6 IRCTC train tickets at once along with two train tickets for kids below 5 years. You can only book up to 4 tickets during Tatkal Ticket Booking.