Head to Your Favorite Hill Station: Meghalaya Electric Train

Indian Railways keep restructuring its rail tracks & routes and introducing new trains to ease the passenger’s journey. Indian railways are considered the most progressive transportation system for traveling around the country. Summer is the preferable season when people travel to different hill stations to chill out & relax. 

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Meghalaya Electric Train

If you are residing in India or come from outside, ethnic nature lovers cannot miss out on the beauty of Meghalaya. One of the best hill stations that attract many passengers to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Meghalaya. Some of the highlights are iconic Nohkalikai Falls, root bridges, Cherrapunji, Dawki, Laitlum Canyon, Mawsynram, and Shillong. 

Recently, Indian railways achieved a milestone by introducing the first electric train for the northern state of Meghalaya. The train is part of an electrification project of Indian railways which completed the electrification in the single-line section from Dudhnoi to Mendipathar covering 22.823 km, and the Abhayapuri – Pancharatna double section for 34.59 km. 

Essential Details

Train Number: 05608 (Guwahati – Mendipathar Passenger Special)

Meghalaya’s first electric train was introduced to run between railway stations – Dudhnoi to Mendipathar of Meghalaya. The Meghalaya state has only one railway station with the code MNDP under the north frontier railway zone. 

The train is a bi-weekly service and operates on Monday and Wednesday, it departs from Guwahati(GHY) at 12:45 and reaches the Dudhnoi station at 3:30 PM. After that, the train has a locomotive reversal, then it proceeds towards the state of Meghalaya by reaching Mendipathar station at 16:50. Also, Train has presently only unreserved class in its coach composition, and the fare for the entire route from Guwahati to Meghalaya is just 35 Rs only. Kindly note that the timing and fare are subject to change as per the policy of Indian railways and delays due to uncertainties.

Why Choose Meghalaya’s Electric Train?

Meghalaya has been the top choice for a beautiful destination due to the presence of its astonishing floating national park, lush green gardens, and eye-catching waterfalls. One of the best chances to experience authentic Meghalaya culture covering beautiful scenarios from the train windows onwards. The introduction of the electric train was to improve the connectivity to Northeastern states so that the place gets recognized.

The train launch made a significant impact on Meghalaya’s tourism and boosted its economy to high levels. The electric train provides passengers with an easily accessible, economical, and comparatively safe transport mode. India has a lot of travel enthusiasts who love to experience new places inside the country and present to people across social media. However, they face connectivity problems like how to reach these places. Meghalaya electric train makes it simple for most travelers. 

The next interesting part is the convenient route of the train. Assam’s railway station Dudhnoi already connects with the stations of Guwahati, Kamakhya junction, and the new Bongaigaon junctions. Now, with the launch of the electric train, it connects via Mendipathar resulting in better infrastructure, improvement for small businesses, and entry of technological innovations. It makes travel economical and rapid development for Indian railways. 

With more upcoming developments in the electric train route, passengers get better connectivity. In the future, we might get the chance to travel from routes: Delhi to Meghalaya train, Mumbai to Shillong, Kolkata to Meghalaya, and even Chennai to Meghalaya train. 

Trail Speed Run of Electric Locomotive

Back on March 15, 2023, India’s Central Organisation for Railway Electrification (CORE) conducted a speed trial of an electric train. The trial was done on the route covering Mendipathar railway station to Dudhnoi with a speed of 65 Kmph. It was specifically done to ensure the overhead electrification smoothness. Also, to operate a train, make use of 25 KV power from the New Bongaigaon Substation. 

What Makes Traveling Via Electric Trains Different?

  • Electric trains level up passengers’ experience and encourage more people to pick up railway transportation to experience the beauty of hill stations in northern India.
  • Electric train coaches are well-equipped with comfortable seats that assist passengers in journeys for long routes.
  • These trains run faster in comparison to diesel trains. With better speed, traveling time gets reduced, and overall efficiency increases. 
  • Electric trains emit less pollution than diesel ones, and due to this reason, the government encourages such initiatives. Such steps uplift pollution-free nature and provide us with a pleasant environment.
  • There is significantly less risk associated with trains, like fire or explosion, with no presence of fuels. Engineers inbuilt advanced safety features like an automatic braking system to make it more secure.
  • Numerous amenities under the electric train passengers can enjoy our e-catering, GPS train tracking systems, and pantry cars. Passengers can also use online GPS tracking to locate their train. 

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