Tips and Tricks to Get a Confirmed Train Ticket

Traveling with the Indian Railways is easy, comfortable, and frequently the best method to get where you’re going. However, obtaining a confirmed rail ticket is frequently easier said than done. It can be a task to make IRCTC ticket booking of trains at the last minute, and it can be frustrating and stressful if you have to go somewhere urgently and cannot book a train ticket with confirmation. 

Well, worry not! We, at Railofy, bring you the best tips and tricks to help you book confirmed tickets effortlessly. Take a look!

Tips & Tricks to Get a Confirmed Train Ticket

  1. Try Different Quotas

One of the interesting tricks to get an immediate train ticket is by applying different quotas and checking out the availability of seats. 

Railofy makes it easier for you to book confirmed train tickets. We provide special quotas to help you get the ticket immediately. Some of these are:

  • Ladies Quota

A reserved quote for ladies is embarked to provide solace in their journey. Women can easily avail of the quota if traveling alone or with others, and ladies with children aged below 12 years can use this quota to get tickets easily. There are a different number of seats reserved for women on different trains. 

  • 6 berths in 3AC class of all Rajdhani, Duronto, and fully air-conditioned trains are reserved
  • 6 Sleeper Class berths have been reserved for women in Mail or Express trains
  • General Quota 

It is the most common type of quota with the most seat allocations. Since the General quota seats are opened 120 days in advance, getting an advance train ticket with confirmation is easier. Thus, you may not easily get a seat in the General quota if you look at the last minute. Under this quota, seats are reserved against Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). Your ticket may go in waiting, but there is no surety that it can be confirmed. 

  • Tatkal Quota 

If you need a train ticket urgently, Tatkal Quota is the best for you. Since getting tickets in the General quota is hard to crack, you can try Tatkal. Unlike the General quota, there is no Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) and a different booking time for AC and non-AC classes. 

For AC classes, the quota opens at 10 a.m. on the previous day of your journey from the train originating station. Whereas, for non-AC classes, the book starts at 11 a.m.

  • Premium Tatkal Quota

There are very few chances to get tickets under Tatkal Quota. If you need a train ticket without any delay, you can use Premium Tatkal, and it can be the best option for you as many seats are vacant under this quota. 

Though it can be a little expensive, you may reach the required destination on time. The price of Premium Tatkal varies depending on the class you are choosing. The minimum fare of Premium Tatkal includes the basic train fare and Tatkal charges. Under this quota, the ticket has a dynamic price as it tends to rise up as the sets get booked. 

  1. Change of Origin & Destination

One of the best tricks to get a ticket urgently is changing the origin or destination. If you cannot get a train ticket as per the desired route, changing the boarding point or destination station may help. 

For instance: If you wish to travel from Mumbai to Delhi and cannot get a ticket, you can search for the nearby station for the respective cities like Pune and Ghaziabad. You may need to travel a bit extra or less but can reach the destination at the required time and day. 

  1. Train to Train Switch

This is one of the most common ways to reach the required destination. You can split or break your route by connecting different trains. If you cannot find a ticket from Mumbai to Delhi, you can book a train from Mumbai to Jaipur and then from Jaipur to Delhi. 

With Railofy, you can look for trains connecting your origin and destination station. Then, book tickets at your suitable time. 

  1. Railofy’s Confirm Travel Guarantee 

We assure you that you may never miss your train again and reach your destination easily. With our Confirm Travel Guarantee feature, you can instantly filter out the trains that provide confirmation and book the tickets. 

If your wait-listed ticket is not confirmed after chart preparation, you can get up to Rs 3000 cashback directly into your bank account. 

  1. Railofy’s Smart Recommendation Option

Railofy provides a smarter way to help you book train tickets with confirmation. You just need to enter the origin and destination, and we will bring you the schedule of different trains running at different times so that you can book one at your convenience. With the help of our user-friendly interface, you may search for quotas and filter out AC & non-AC classes, departure times, and arrival times.

With the help of our Smart Recommendations, you can change your origin and departure stations if you cannot find a train. You can look for the Travel Guarantee feature, and you may check all the trains with seat availability and confirmation. 

Have a Great Trip with Railofy

You may have a look at these best tips and tricks to get a confirmed  IRCTC booking instantly. 

Railofy is a premium partner of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). With us, you can get confirmed train tickets quickly. From booking tickets to delivering food to your train seats, we got it all covered. We, at Railofy, help you make IRCTC ticket bookings swiftly. On an urgent basis, you may need a train ticket, and we understand the cause and thus provide you with the best tricks to help you get the confirmed ticket. With us, you can change your origin and destination station, do train to train switch, use Travel Guarantee for confirmed tickets, and more. 

You can download our app Railofy on Android or iOS and book confirmed train tickets at your own pace.