All You Need to Know About Train Quotas

It is crucial to know different train quotas if you are planning a trip or need to go somewhere urgently via train. In case you need to know what train quota is. It refers to the seats or berths reserved in a train for a particular category, such as handicapped, defense, women, and senior citizens. If you cannot get a train ticket to your desired destination, one of the best tricks is to look for the quota that can be applied and get your train ticket with confirmation easily. 

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Know About Different Train Quotas

There are several types of train quotas that one can have access to make IRCTC booking quicker and easier. You should know about different quotas and have a safe journey with Railofy. Here is the list of quotas one should know of:-

  1. General Quota

It is the most common type of quota in every train with the most seat allocation. The seats under the quota are opened 120 days in advance. Thus, getting an advance train ticket with confirmation is easier, and an instant ticket is a bit harder. In case you are waitlisted in the General Quota, your chances of train confirmation are higher. 

When all the tickets under the quota are booked, these are issued under Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC), wherein 2 passengers share one berth, and then a waitlist is issued. The waiting list issued under this quota can be GNWL, RSWL, RLWL, PQWL, and others, depending on the origin and destination stations of passengers. 

  1. Ladies Quota

Women can use this quota easily and get train tickets to their destinations conveniently. This quota can provide solace in your journey. If you are traveling alone, with other women, or with children aged below 12 years, you can exclusively avail of this quota and get train tickets. 

There are different numbers of seats available for women on distinct trains. For instance:-

  • 6 berths in 3AC class of all Duronto, Rajdhani, and fully air-conditioned trains are reserved
  • 6 Sleeper Class berths are reserved in Express or Mail trains

However, the exact number of seats under this quota may vary depending on the length of train, and the number of coaches in it.

  1. Tatkal Quota

It can be a task for you to find a train ticket easily. Since most of the tickets under the General Quota get occupied quickly, you can try the Tatkal quota. In comparison to General Quota, there is no Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). 

If you need to travel somewhere at short notice, you can try Tatkal quota. You may note that this quota is available for almost all classes except for the First AC (1A) class. You can book tickets under this quota at a different time for AC and NON-AC classes. For AC classes, the booking opens at 10 a.m., one day before your planned journey from the source station. Whereas, for non-AC classes, the bookings begin at 11 a.m. 

Under this quota, tickets can be booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thus, the quota is limited, depending on the availability of tickets. Once all the tickets under this quota have been reserved, the Tatkal booking window may close.

  1. Premium Tatkal Quota

It is quite difficult to get a ticket instantly under Tatkal’s quota. Thus, with the Premium Tatkal, you can get your train tickets by paying slightly higher than the Tatkal quota, but you may reach your destination on time. Under this quota, the price of the ticket is dynamic, and prices tend to increase as the seats under this quota start exhausting.

  1. Senior Citizen Quota

This quota is applicable to male passengers of 60 years or above and female passengers over the age of 45 years. It is specifically reserved for elderly people to ensure they travel more comfortably and safely. 

To avail of this quota, elderly people can book seats as per their desired origin and destination station. The number of seats under this quota may vary depending on the availability of tickets. 

  1. Physically Handicapped Quota

In different trains, some seats are exclusively reserved for individuals with physical disabilities. The quota allows such people to travel with ease and no risk, especially during peak times. During the journey, the Onboard ticket-checking staff may seek documents for verification purposes.

While booking your ticket, you may look for this quota and reserve it. There is a very limited number of seats allocated under this quota. You may opt to book the ticket in advance to ensure safe and secure travel. 

Sum Up!

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If you are unable to get a train ticket for your destination, you may apply different filters, whatever is applicable to you, like quotas. Select different quotas that are valid for you and book the ticket effortlessly. You may feel free to visit our website and reach out to us.