How to check IRCTC PNR Status

The Passenger Name Record or PNR is a 10-digit number mainly used to check the current status of your ticket. The number helps determine whether your train ticket via IRCTC is confirmed, waitlisted, or is on RAC (Reservation against cancellation). The number is valid for 9 months after which it is waived off. The Indian Railways handles the updates of your IRCTC PNR status. Through PNR, you can easily check your train status and get information.

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Meaning of IRCTC PNR Status

There are different kinds of IRCTC PNR statuses you can receive on booking your tickets. Each status is in the form of an abbreviation that defines the status of your train ticket bookings. Before you check your PNR status, understand the meaning. Here’s what some of the abbreviations stand for: 

CNF – This metric on your IRCTC PNR status shows whether your ticket is confirmed or not. Depending on this your seat/birth on the train will be allotted.

CAN- It appears when your train tickets are canceled.

WL- It means Waiting List. Only when other passengers on the same train have made reservations before you cancel their tickets will the waiting list status for your ticket be confirmed.

RAC- It stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. 

GNWL- It stands for General Waiting List. It is a type of waitlist quota. GNWL/AVAILABLE on your ticket indicates that your ticket is confirmed through the general quota.

PQWL– It means Pooled Quota, Waiting List. The chances of getting confirmation for this status are quite low. PQWL is given to passengers who board or begin their train journey from a station between those of origin and destination.

RLWL– It stands for Remote Location Waiting List. It is issued to travelers for an intermediate railway station means that the ticket is issued for stations between the originating and terminating stations

TQWL– stands for Tatkal Quota Waiting List and is issued for tatkal tickets. Tatkal quota waiting lists were originally conceived as CKWL, however, Indian Railways has renamed this to TQWL. Unlike GNWL, a tatkal ticket that goes up is immediately confirmed without going through the RAC process.

NOSB– It stands for No Seat berth. Under this status, children between the age of 5 to 12 can get on the train but no seat is reserved for them.

What does a 10-digit PNR Number signify?

The 10-digit PNR number includes certain information like:

How to check your IRCTC PNR status via a website?

You can quickly check your 10-digit IRCTC PNR status on Railofy’s website. Follow these steps – 

You can now see the current IRCTC PNR Status. However, to keep track of the real-time changes in your PNR status, use our WhatsApp Feature.

Apart from this, you can also check your PNR prediction on the IRCTC official website.

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How to check your Indian Railways PNR status via Whatsapp?

You can now simply drop a text on WhatsApp and check your PNR status in a jiffy. Tracking through WhatsApp helps with automatic alerts. No downloads are required. 

Follow these two easy steps – 

Tracking through WhatsApp becomes much more efficient as the app also provides automatic updates on your journey status! 

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How to Check PNR Status with a phone call and SMS?

To check your 10-digit IRCTC PNR status on a phone call, you need to follow these steps : 

Step 1: Dial the Customer Care number of Indian Railway. It is 139. This number is available 24 x 7. 

Step 2: After calling, you will be connected to the Customer Executive. Give him/her your complete PNR number 

Step 3: The executive will now check your PNR number in the system and give you updated information on the status of your ticket. 

In just three simple steps, you now know the status of your PNR! 

This is a very quick and convenient way of checking IRCTC PNR Status.  So next time, when you don’t have a good Internet connection, this method comes as a lifesaver. The status is real-time and accurate as IRCTC itself is checking the status for you. 

To check your 10-digit IRCTC PNR status on an SMS, you need to follow these steps : 

The Indian railways use SMS technology to let users quickly check the status of their tickets on their mobile phones. You can even book your tickets in advance by sending a text.

To check your PNR status through SMS, all you need to do is send a text “PNR” to 139. Make sure that you do not put hyphens during typing your PNR number. The SMS can also be sent to 5676747. You’ll receive the most recent PNR details in your phone’s inbox.

How to know your PNR confirmation probability?

PNR confirmation probability means the chances of getting a ticket confirmed if the current status is “Not Available”. When all the confirmed and RAC tickets are sold out, the Indian Railway assigns a waitlisted ticket for further bookings of the respective train and class. The ticket confirmation probability for these waitlisted depends upon the cancellations of confirmed and RAC tickets only. It also relies on factors like weekends, seasons, festivals, and special events, among other factors. Once your ticket is confirmed, check the train running status (or use our where is my train feature).

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Indian Railways PNR Status FAQs

1. What is the quickest way to check your IRCTC PNR status?

WhatsApp is the quickest and most efficient way to check your train ticket PNR status. You can drop your 10-digit PNR number on 9881193322 and the bot will show you the needful.

2. What are the other uses of the IRCTC PNR numbers?

PNR number aside from checking the journey status also helps you order food. Railofy Hotplate has features of bulk ordering food for your group of family and friends during the journey. The food is delivered to your train seat.

3. What does IRCTC PNR prediction mean in the online train ticket?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.

4. How to check IRCTC PNR status without the internet?

You can make a phone call on the Indian Railways number 139. They are available 24×7. 

5. How to check the 10-digit PNR Number status?

The easiest way to check PNR prediction is via a phone call to 139. This number is available 24×7 and is the customer care number of the Indian Railways.

6. What is the customer care number for Indian Railways?

Dial 139 for any railway-related inquiry. The number is operational for 24 hours.

7. What does CNF stand for? 

When checking the PNR status, if it shows CNF, it means your ticket is Confirmed. CNF stands for Confirmed.

8. How to check the 10-digit IRCTC PNR status via WhatsApp?

To check the PNR status on WhatsApp, just send your 10-digit PNR Number to 9881193322. Hassle-free method and it does not even require any downloads.

9. Where is the PNR number printed on a train ticket?

If the train ticket is bought at any railway station, the PNR number will be printed on the top left corner of the ticket. In case the ticket is bought online, the PNR number will be displayed separately on the top of the ticket.

10. Is the PNR number allotted for unreserved and reserved tickets?

PNR is only allotted for reserved tickets and not for unreserved tickets. For a reserved ticket, the traveler’s details are collected and stored, whereas, for an unreserved, no data is collected. Therefore, it is challenging to generate PNR.

11. How to find the PNR number on a train ticket?

The PNR number is generally found on the top left corner of your train ticket.

12. Can we travel with only the PNR number?

PNR is the number that you receive when your ticket is confirmed and hence it is the only number that you need while traveling.