What is Booking ID in the Train Ticket?

There are various aspects of train travel that a passenger must be aware of before they begin their journey via train. One such long-ignored component is that of a booking id in train ticket.

A booking ID might sound insignificant but is very important when it comes to train ticket booking. A booking ID displays of a unique alphanumeric code allocated to every passenger at the time of reservation. The booking ID in the train ticket acts as a digital identifier, paving the way for ticket transactions and encouraging uninterrupted travel arrangements. However, many passengers are clueless of the importance that booking ID in train tickets holds and might even find it problematic to locate it on the ticket.

The challenge strengthens due to the need for more awareness about the importance of the role of the booking ID. Passengers have to deal with setbacks when it comes to finding their booking ID on their train ticket or how to use booking ID to determine their PNR status, modify bookings or make the most of additional services. This lack of knowledge towards the concept of booking ID can cause confusion, inconvenience, and potential delays during travel. 

To solve for these issues, we aim to offer a detailed explanation of “what is booking ID in train ticket?”, “What does it encompass?” and most importantly “it’s significance in train ticketing.”

In addition, you can also find practical solutions & tips to obtain, comprehend and manage your booking IDs effortlessly.

What is booking ID in train ticket?

In order to understand the significance of booking ID in train ticket, it is of utmost importance that we first learn “what is booking id for railway ticket?”.

A booking ID in a train ticket is an exceptional code which is an amalgam of letters & digits serving the purpose of a digital identifier for each booking or reservation. The booking ID is developed at the time of successful booking of a train ticket and is generally identified on the ticket or in the confirmation email shared after booking. The reason why booking ID is important is because it helps in accessing & managing booking details, making changes to the reservation in case of urgencies, checking PNR status and taking advantage of additional services. Train ticket booking ID plays a huge role in guaranteeing a fluid and easy-going journey by offering a comparison point related to the booked journey.

Components of a booking ID

As you have understood what is your booking id? Now, let’s comprehend the multiple components of a train booking ID in accordance with the system.

  1. Railway System Identifier: A code that represents the railway system or company which issues the ticket.
  2. Booking reference number: A distinct code which is a combination of alphabets and number and is generated everytime there is a booking transaction.
  3. Name of the passenger: The name of the passenger or passengers linked with the booking.
  4. Train Number: The individual identification key of the train service allocated to the passenger.
  5. Coach/Carriage Number: Mentions the coach or carriage in which the passenger’s seat is booked.
  6. Seat/Berth Number: Represents the particular seat or berth allotted to the passenger.

How to find your booking ID in train ticket?

A passenger can easily spot their train booking IDs in the confirmation mail or SMS shared by the booking platform once the reservation is successful. Seek out for a sequence of alphanumeric characters marked as “Booking ID”. In case you want to go for another method that helps you determine the booking ID of your train ticket, then you can sign into your account associated with the chosen booking platform. Open the booking history. You will see a list of all your bookings. Scan for booking the ticket you want the details for, and the associated booking ID will be alongside the details, including train number, date of travel, seat information, etc.

The information related to booking ID is essential for handling your booking, modifying as per requirements or finding out the status of your journey.

Why keep the booking ID secure?

It is important to keep your train booking ID safe for multiple reasons. Firstly, the booking id is distinct for every booking and it offers access to your reservation details including sensitive details such as the travel itinerary, personal details, and payment information. In case someone was able to gain illegitimate acess to your booking ID, they are capable of exploit the information resulting in identity theft, fraud, or improper changes to your reservation. A booking id which is secure and protected can safeguard your privacy. 

Additionally, multitude of booking platforms demand that you validate yourself with the help of your booking ID when accessing your account or modifying the details of your trip. By safeguarding your train ticket booking ID, you ensure that only legitimate users like you or your fellow travellers  have the access to all the booking details.

Safeguarding your booking ID can help you defend your sensitive information & privacy by ensuring safety from illegitimate modifications to your reservations making sure that only right individuals have access to your reservation.


The importance of a booking ID in train tickets goes beyond it’s alphanumeric arrangement. It is a digital indicator that contributes to a hassle-free travel experience.However, the importance of booking ID in train tickets is wedged under passenger’s ignorance. This consequently acts as an obstacle to it’s complete potential. 

Comprehending the aspects and functionality of this ID will optimize the reservations ensuring secrecy and safety in a phase where digital breaches have become increasingly noticeable. That is why, it would be appropriate to state that the importance of booking ID in train tickets goes beyond convenience. It is a matter of safety an an initiative towards uninterrupted journey train travels in the contemporary train travel landscape.


  1. Where can you find your booking ID on train ticket?

Booking ID is easily available either on your confirmation mail or the SMS you receive after a successful booking.

  1. What is a booking ID & why is it important?

A booking ID is a special identifier and is important to access and manage the train reservations.

  1. What are the main components of a booking id in train ticket?

Alphanumeric codes & passenger details form a booking ID  and can be considered crucial components of a booking ID.

  1. What if I cannot find my booking ID on the train ticket?

If you are unable to determine your booking ID, contact the customer support of your booking platform.