How to Order Food in Duronto Express Train

Duronto Express train was formally introduced to the nation in 2009 by Mamta Banerjee, the current CM of West Bengal. Celebrated for being one of India’s fastest-running trains, Duronto Express can cover long distances at a speed. 

The rationale behind the Duronto Express train’s recognition is its extensive range of features and economical nature.

Covering extensive distances within a brief time of hours with either handful of stops of end-to-end service sets this train apart. Most of the Duronto Express trains operate at the speed of 140km/hr. Furthermore, Duronto Express Trains are less heaving in comparison to other super fast trains. This is because Duronto trains are manufactured using stainless steel, not iron. It’s crucial to remember that there are other amenities available onboard including device charging points, night lights, bottle holders etc.

The train currently retains the status of a lifeline for travellers who are seeking cost-effective and convenient train journeys. However, a prevalent challenge that all passengers have dealt with is the existence of quality culinary selections. The issue became more prominent on the routes where there are constrained meal stops. 

This is where Railofy stands out as a leader, as a streamlined & reliable meal-ordering platform. Using Railofy, passengers can easily advance orders with the help of the Railofy mobile app & website. Railofy ensures prompt delivery and extends fresh and hygienic food options that can be customised per dietary preferences and other food choices of passengers.

With the status that Durunto Express takes pleasure in, tackling these dining concerns modifies the entire experience, encouraging customer satisfaction and pledging their allegiance to this train service.

Why choose Duronto Express?

  1. Rapid Connectivity: An exceptional feature of Duronto Express is its speed. Duronto Express facilitates direct routes between metropolitan cities making sure that passengers reach their destinations faster.
  2. Convenient Travel: Passengers can make the most of roomy coaches furnished with the latest amenities elevating the quality of their journey.
  3. Sanitised Dining: The train offers high-quality meals that are cooked in a hygienic environment guaranteeing a safe & pleasing dining experience.
  4. Heightened Safety: All passengers are under CCTV surveillance along with a thoroughly trained staff. This adds to the element of security throughout the journey.
  5. Streamlined Booking: The availability of an online booking system makes the ticket booking process less complex and allows passengers to plan their journey.
  6. Inclusive arrangements:Duronto Express offers accommodations & facilities keeping in mind all categories of passengers especially people with disabilities ensuring inclusivity.
  7. Punctuality: Duronto Express, unlike other trains upholds punctuality making sure that the arrivals & departures are on time.
  8. Competent Staff: The presence of knowledgeable staff adds to the convenience. Duronto Express has trained & experienced staff to cater to all the needs of the passengers while travelling.

Duronto Express Food Options

You can find a broad spectrum of food options on the Duronto food menu which is segregated into multiple sets for better understanding of the passengers. These sets encompass Duronto Express food options like branded digestive biscuits, tea/coffee kits, and sugar/sugar-free sachets with milk sachets ensuring an all-encompassing dining experience. 

At the time of breakfast, passengers can enjoy cornflakes with milk, bread, butter, marmalade, fruits, etc. When it comes to lunch & dinner, passengers can anticipate options like soup, rice, roti/paratha, dal, veg/non-veg dishes curd, pickles and dessert.

The options at the time of evening time can vary depending upon the dinner service. However, passengers can expect snacks, sweets & beverages.

In case you are not satisfied with the food offered, you can access complaint/suggestion services to provide feedback or assistance in the context of catering services & also order food on the train.

How to order food in Duronto Express using Railofy?

In case you are dissatisfied with the Duronto Express food menu, fear not. You can place your order for food in Duronto Express using Railofy and wait for your food to get delivered to you at your seat. Here’s how you can do it:

How to order food in Duronto Express through the Railofy Mobile App?

  • Download the Railofy mobile app.
  • Log in to your account or create one.
  • Enter the train details including the PNR number & train number along with the journey date.
  • Go through the meal options available for Duronto Express
  • Choose your meal & add it to your cart.
  • Start the checkout process and make payment using the preferred payment option from the list of payment methods available. 
  • Once your order is placed, it will soon be confirmed and you will receive updates regarding the delivery.

How to order food in Duronto Express through the Railofy Website?

  • Vist the Railofy 
  • Direct to the food ordering platform and add in your train details.
  • Go through the list of available options for your train.
  • Choose from the comprehensive list and add the meal to your cart.
  • Initiate the checkout process and complete your payment process online.
  • Your order will be taken care of and you can anticipate receiving confirmation & delivery updates.

How to order food in Duronto Express through Phone Calls?

  • Passengers also have the option to call Railofy at 7441111266 to place their order.
  • Share your train details like your train number & PNR number with the representative on call.
  • Mention the meal/meals you want to order.
  • You have the option to choose cash on delivery or make the payment online.
  • Validate your order to the representative. You will also receive an order confirmation after that.

How to order food in Duronto Express through Railfoy WhatsApp?

  • Save Railofy’s WhatsApp number- 7441111266 to your contacts before initiating the process.
  • Send a message to kickstart the ordering process.
  • Share your train details like train & PNR number.
  • You will be sharing a list of meal options on WhatsApp.
  • Choose your preferred meal and confirm your order by either sharing the payment details or opting for Cash on Delivery.
  • You will receive order confirmation on the same chat. Moreover, you will also receive updates related to your order status there.

Why order food on Duronto Express using Railofy?

Duronto Express food might not meet the expectations of all passengers. This is where Railofy comes in. Railofy has distinguished itself as the desired option for ordering food while train travel due to multiple reasons. 

  1. Straightforward Ordering Process

Railofy allows passengers to place their orders from multiple mediums like the Railofy mobile app, website, phone call & WhatsApp. As not all passengers are technically sound, the provision of multiple channels enables accessibility to every passenger regardless of their technical capabilities.

  1.  Comprehensive Menu

Railofy’s extensive menu is one of its distinctive features. Passengers can choose from a wide assortment of cuisines like North Indian, South Indian Chinese, Continental dishes, etc. By offering a wide variety of food options, Railofy aims to cater to varied tastes & preferences.

  1. Top-notch quality

Railofy’s hotplate kitchens are supervised by FoStac-certified grocers, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness. Automated food processing ensures no contamination and ensures compliance with high food safety standards.

  1. Numerous Payment Options

The availability of multiple payment options adds to the flexibility & convenience enabling passengers to either pay online with the help of various platforms or go for cash on delivery options augmenting practicality while ordering.

  1. On-time Delivery 

Railofy offers precision in time resulting in on-time food delivery on trains. This brings about a hassle-free journey experience. To showcase its merit, Railofy also offers a 100% food delivery guarantee & refund policy in case orders are not delivered, securing customer’s happiness.

These outstanding features make Railofy an excellent choice for ordering food on trains, providing passengers with a satisfying and convenient experience throughout their journey.


Ordering food in Duronto Express via Railfy not only exemplifies convenience but also tackles the prominent issue confronted by most of the passengers. By stepping up to help and establishing itself as a streamlined & reliable meal-ordering platform, Railofy guarantees prompt delivery of fresh & hygienic food options customised as per the passenger’s preferences. Railofy initiating a foray into the domain of travel & transportation fosters customer satisfaction & loyalty. The incorporation of modern technology for food ordering by Duronto Express along with many others demonstrates their commitment to maximising passenger convince & comfort during the journey. With the assistance of Railofy, passengers can anticipate a pleasant culinary experience.


  1. Can you order food in Duronto Express?

Yes, you can order food in Duronto Express using different ways. Passengers can either contact the coach attendant or the permitted staff. They can also pre-book meals via e-catering provision by IRCTC or platforms like Railofy. Additionally, passengers can SMS or call the toll-free number 1323.

2. How to book Duronto Express food through WhatsApp?

Ordering food in Duronto Express through WhatsApp is very easy. Save the Railofy number 7441111266 in your contacts. Open the WhatsApp chat and share your order details along with your PNR number. Now you just have to sit & relax and wait for your order to get delivered to your seat.

3. Can you expect free food in AC 3 Tier Duronto Express?

No, the food is not complimentary in AC 3-tier Duronto Express, or for that matter, in any premium trains like Rajdhani, Duronto, Gatimaan, Shatabdi Express & Vande Bharat. The food charges are incorporated into the total fare of the ticket.

4. What is Duronto Express food timing?

Duronto Express food timing is based on the duration of the journey. Passengers can anticipate morning tea, breakfast, lunch, high tea & dinner.

5. Can you place a bulk order request in Durunto Express?

Yes, passengers can place bulk orders request in Duronto Express with the assistance of Railofy. Visit the Railofy website and you will spot “Bulk Food Order in Train for Groups”. Click on “Bulk Orders” and fill in all the necessary details like your name, mobile number, email ID, number of passengers, date of journey, delivery station & PNR number. There is a separate section for “Message” where you can explain your order comprehensively. Once you submit all the details, you will receive a call from Railofy’s executive.