How to change the boarding station with the PNR number?

Train travel is convenient as well as cost-effective. However, it cannot be disregarded that it comes with its challenges. We are deliberating on the challenges passengers encounter attributed to both their choices and intrinsic challenges within train infrastructure. 

The implementation of certain technological advancements can be seen to address the issues quickly on both ends.

Challenges like boarding station change PNR come up at the passenger’s end for reasons of convenience including how close the current location is to the station. Some passengers want to save their time by beginning the travel from a station closer to them. Some other factors that contribute to altering the boarding point are unforeseen occurrences like traffic delays or personal emergencies etc. Some passengers also go for a different station because they prefer quieter environments or better amenities.

Some common reasons why every traveller desires to modify their boarding stations are to make the switch between different parts of the journey easy, steer clear of peak times, and overall ensure a comfortable trip.

We are now aware of why a need can arise for passengers to change the boarding stations. However, adapting to this change can bring about obstacles, especially when you are not acquainted with the process. Our guide will help you address these challenges by offering explicit solutions on how to change the boarding station with a PNR number. By following the steps put forward by us you can easily modify the boarding points and manage unforeseen circumstances with confidence and ease.

Is changing the boarding station possible?

Yes, it is possible to change the boarding station through PNR. IRCTC allows passengers to modify their boarding station even if the tickets are priorly booked online. This prevents cancellations and rebookings saving a lot of passenger’s time & money. Emergencies or unplanned changes may throw off your travel arrangements & might require passengers to alter their travel plans. You should recognize that the facility to change the boarding station is relevant for tickets that are booked online and are not applicable for tickets that are booked via travel agents or the Passenger Reservation System.

How to change the boarding station with the PNR number?

The boarding station change PNR of an e-ticket booked online is open to modification only:

  1. During ticket booking
  2. After ticket booking

How to change the boarding station with the PNR number during ticket booking?

  1. Login to your IRCTC account, using the user name & password.
  2. Add in your preferred “From-To” station, “date of journey and class” of travel. Now click on the “Search” button & list containing the trains will be displayed.
  3. Choose your train from the list and click on “Book Now”
  4. Once the passenger input page opens, click on the down arrow button on the “Boarding Station” option 
  5. You will now have a list of all the boarding stations between the chosen train route will be displayed in front of you. Choose the new boarding station accordingly.
  6. After you choose the new boarding station, the updated boarding station can be spotted on the passenger details page.

How to change the boarding station with the PNR number after ticket booking?

  1. Sign into your IRCTC account using your username & password.
  2. Make your way to MY ACCOUNT>> My Transactions>> Booked Ticket History.
  3. All your tickets from your current & past journeys are displayed. Choose the ticket for which you want to change the boarding station through the PNR number.
  4. Now click on the “Change boarding point” button.
  5. A pop-up will appear on your screen displaying the stations between the chosen train routes. Now choose the boarding station you would prefer.
  6. Once you choose the preferred station, the system will reconfirm. Click “OK” to validate the boarding station change.
  7. You will see a success alert message if your boarding station is changed successfully.
  8. A corresponding communication will also be sent to your mobile number regarding the updation of your boarding station change PNR.

Things to keep in mind while you change the boarding point online?

There are some rules & regulations that every passenger must know about before initiating the boarding station change process.

  • The passenger responsible for booking the e-tickets has the option to change his boarding station online 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. Under the circumstance of boarding station change, the passenger is not allowed to board the train from the original boarding point. If the passenger is found travelling lacking the proper authority, he/she is obligated to pay the fare along with the penalty between the original boarding point to the modified boarding point.
  • Passengers can change the boarding station only once.
  • One can change the boarding station 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • In case the ticket is seized, boarding point change is not allowed.
  • The boarding point change is prohibited for the PNRs with the VIKALP option.
  • Online boarding point change is restricted for I-tickets.
  • Boarding station change is not enabled for the current booking ticket.


Comprehending the intricacies and realities of modifying the boarding stations with the PNR number is very important for uninterrupted train travel. Passengers generally modify their boarding stations to save time.

The ability to quickly adjust travel plans through technological advancements like changing boarding stations is a boon and provides flexibility without having to cancel tickets. However, passengers must be aware of the rules and restrictions and ensure they are followed to avoid penalties or travel disruption. By following the outlined steps and guidelines, travellers can safely complete the entire process, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free journey.


  1. Is boarding station change PNR possible?

Passengers can change boarding station PNR from IRCTC’s website. Log into your IRCTC account, then open the book ticket history page, select PNR and choose the new boarding station.

  1. What happens if you are successful in changing the boarding station but fail to board the train from the new station?

Passengers who change the boarding station but are unable to board the train from the new station will have to incur penalties which include payment of fare differences along with the additional charges.

  1. Can you change the boarding station multiple times?

No, you cannot change the boarding station multiple times. Boarding point change is allowed only once.

  1. Can you change the destination station in IRCTC?

No, you cannot change the destination station because it has a direct impact on the price. 

  1. Can you change your boarding station online?

Yes. The boarding station is open to modification before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the train.

  1. Is boarding station change applicable to all types of trains including express or local trains?

Boarding station change is allowed for all types of trains which include express trains, superfast trains as well as local trains as long as the ticket enables the modifications.