How to Order Food in the Rajdhani Express Train

Rajdhani express trains, a batch of fast passenger trains bridging the gap between the national capital, New Delhi and other state capitals and metro cities that hold immense significance from business, tourism or religious standpoint. The name “Rajdhani” originates in the Sanskrit language, which translates to “capital”. 

These trains establish the pathway from the national capital to other cities, hence the name “Rajdhani”.

Rajdhani train has cemented its status as a first-rate choice for travellers commuting in India. Personified as a catalyst for change in the Indian railway topography, Rajdhani Express established a reputation owing to its remarkable speed, uninterrupted connectivity & unparalleled comfort. The entirety of this paved the way for a new era constituting efficient transportation and exiting the scenario that only catered to conventional train services. The substantial transformation of trains yielded a luxurious and convenient travel experience setting a new standard in passenger comfort & satisfaction.

In addition, Rajdhani Express is acknowledged for its punctuality, efficiency & technological advancements including online booking systems accompanied by onboard entertainment offerings setting a high level of expectation in the area of train travel.

Even though Rajdhani demonstrates these well-deserved recognitions, there is one aspect that often demands attention and with solid grounds. We are talking about the food on Rajdhani Express

The quality, variety & convenience of ordering food on Rajdhani Express have a direct impact on the passenger journey experience. About food in Rajdhani, as all three aforementioned elements are not adequately met, we will first discuss the Rajdhani food options available, alternatives that passengers can rely on and how to place an order for Rajdhani express food. 

Rajdhani Express Food

Before starting on a Rajdhani Express journey, it’s important to comprehend the culinary choices accessible on the train while travelling. 

Rajdhani Express food menu offers diverse meal options to serve 

Maximum number of passengers. The culinary journey starts with a refreshing welcome drink- generally Nimbu Pani. In the morning passengers can expect tea/coffee with biscuits along with a milk creamer sachet. When it comes to breakfast, there is a broad selection available including studded paranthas, kulcha chana, veg cutlets, idli rice etc. Passengers can also enjoy bread, jam & butter.

For lunch or dinner, passengers can look forward to soups, rice dishes including pulao and rotis, and paranthas accompanied by assorted veg/non-veg dishes. You can enjoy ice cream or rasgullas when it comes to dessert.

Tea offerings for the evening time consist of salted snacks, sandwiches, Indian sweets and tea or coffee kits.

Rajdhani Express Food Menu

These catering services are provided to the passengers who are travelling via pantry cars, train side vending & statistic units at en-route stations. Given below is the Rajdhani express food menu that you can refer to:

1A/EC Rajdhani
Morning Tea  Rs.35
Evening TeaRs.140
2AC/3AC/CC Rajdhani
Morning TeaRs.20
Lunch /DinnerRs.185
Evening TeaRs.90/-

Why order food online in Rajdhani trains?

It’s difficult for passengers to get a union of health, culinary preferences & convenience while travelling through Rajdhani trains. Going for homemade meals does allow you to enjoy fresh and hygienic food but requires you to carry your food during the journey This is where Railofy emerges as an excellent alternative to ordering food in Rajdhani.

Other than that passengers can also order Rajdhani train food from the train’s pantry or purchase meals from local vendors at railway stations. These options might sound tempting but can involve risks leading to issues like food poisoning, vomiting, etc.

These are not ambiguous assertions. There have been frequent complaints from passengers drawing attention to the issues such as cold, stale or unappetizing food. Railofy can be your refuge here.

How to order food in Rajdhani Express Train using Railofy?

The process of ordering food on Rajdhani Express with assistance from Railofy is extremely simple. If you are someone who cannot renounce the thought of a delicious yet hygienic meal on the train and is not satisfied with Rajdhani train food, Railofy makes it easier for you to order food online. 

Passengers can place their food orders through Railogy mobile app, website and even through WhatsApp. First & foremost decide on your food preferences. Given below are the next steps: 

Order food on Rajdhani Express via Railofy mobile app or website

  1. Install the Railofy mobile app from the Google Play store or the ioS app store. You can visit the Railofy website as well.
  2. Search for nearby restaurants using the station, PNR number or train number.
  3. Gauge through the list of the restaurants or cuisines available in the city you currently are.
  4. Find out the restaurant you would like to order from, choose your dish, add it to your cart & checkout.
  5. Validate your PNR number, deat details, & contact information like email & phone number.
  6. Choose the payment option you prefer. The methods include net banking, debit/credit card and COD (cash on delivery)

Now, just wait for your order to arrive at your seat. Sit back & relax.

Order food on Rajdhani Express through Phone Call

  1. Get in touch with our customer care team at +91 9910424299.
  2. Give the details of your order and specifics of your journey like your train name & number, PNR number & station name to the customer care executive.
  3. Rest is on our team. You can pay at the time of the delivery.
  4. Once you receive the order at your seat, pay using cash on delivery.

Order food on Rajdhani Express through WhatsApp:

  1. To begin with, save the Railofy WhatsApp Bot No. +91 7441111266 in your contacts.
  2. Send us a “Hi” to the number stated above and carry out the instructions to place your order request with the help of your PNR number.

With the assistance of Railofy, you can enjoy flavorful food in Rajdhani Express, upgrading the journey.

Why use Railofy to order food in Rajdhani?

This is why you need to order food on Rajdhani Express using Railofy-

  1. Convenience

 Railofy aims to provide a comfort food experience on Rajdhani trains. By offering food that is fresh & hygienic directly to your seat, you are free from the hassles of searching for premium food. Passengers can place their orders easily and allow Railofy’s team to complete the remaining work while they relax during their journey.

  1. Quality & health standards

Railofy’s association with prominent restaurants across major cities ensures the delivery of quality food in Rajdhani. The preparation, packing & delivery of food is done using rigorous hygiene protocol, giving precedence to safety & health. Thorough quality assessments guarantee taste as well as health in food options offered.

  1. Multitude of options

Passengers can expect a comprehensive food menu which includes Chinese, South Indian & North Indian cuisines accompanied by biryanis, thalis, sweets & beverages. This wide selection of food accommodates every passenger’s taste and offers a rewarding culinary experience for all passengers.

  1. Affordable pricing: Another compelling justification for you to order using Railofy is the prices at which it offers the food. Railofy takes into consideration passengers of all budgets, therefore, covering the food options that are economical to everyone and also allowing them to travel at a moderate cost.
  2. Simplified ordering process: Railofy’s user-friendly platform enables you to place your orders without any complications. You can place your order either via the app or website. If not then you can call us on Railofy’s helpline number +91 9910424299 and put in your order effortlessly.
  3. Enticing discounts: If you are planning a group trip, you can benefit greatly from our special prices for bulk orders. Also, be on the lookout for our cashback offers. Railofy also time to time provides discounts & promotions, making your dining experience even more fulfilling.

5 things you must know about Rajdhani Express

  1. Highest priority in the train network

Rajdhani Express trains are prominently known for their speed. They do have their competitors like Tejas, Gatiman, Shatabdi & Duronto Express. Regardless of the competition, Rajdhani Express is given the highest priority within the railway network, granting the passengers significantly upgraded services.

  1. Pleasant Air Conditioned Coaches

Rajdhani trains are furnished with fully air-conditioned coaches, with coach count differing for each train. Distinctly, Rajdhani express trains were the first entirely air-conditioned trains rolled out by Indian Railways.

  1. Longest Distance Covered 

The Rajdhani Express which travels from Hazarat Nizamuddin-Thiruvananthapuram, covered the maximum distance among the rest. The train connects Hazrat Nizamuddin in New Delhi, the national capital to Thiruvananthapuram Central, which is the capital of Kerela. This Rajdhani Express covers 3150 km & takes 42 hours to arrive at the destination. The train functions 3 times a week from Thiruvananthapuram, particularly on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. The returns take place on Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday. This train journeys the greatest distance without any halts, spanning from Kota to Vadodara Junction, a distance of approximately 527 km.

  1. Launch of Rajdhani Express

At the time of launch, Rajdhani Express met with a considerable amount of resistance. The train launch encountered a plethora of skeptics which also included the chairman of the Indian Railway. In defiance of the sceptics, the train was launched in 1969 invalidating the scepticism with its great success ultimately setting a benchmark of luxury & comfort.

  1. Accommodations

The express trains offer three accommodation options: AC with locking car, which can accommodate 2 and 4 berths, AC 2-tier with open bunks and curtains, and AC 3-tier without curtains.


Requesting food service on Rajdhani trains has been a vital aspect of customer experience which has had a direct impact on comfort, satisfaction & end-to-end journey happiness. While Rajdhani is unrivalled when it comes to speed, connectivity & technological advancements, the aspect of food has often been an area of concern for travellers.

This is where Railofy revolutionizes the game by granting a simplified solution to the culinary concerns on Rajdhani trains. With Railofy’s services, passengers can make the most of a fresh, hygienic & wide variety of meals which are sent straight to their seats. The convenience, quality, variety & affordability extended by Railofy transform the dining experience on Rajdhani Express trains.

Railofy’s collaboration with renowned restaurants and implementation of strict hygiene protocols guarantee that passengers enjoy delicious meals & also maintain health and well-being. The user-friendly ordering process via mobile app, website or WhatsApp increases the user-friendliness and comfort of using this service.

Overall, Railofy’s innovative approach to food ordering on the Rajdhani Express trains enhances the overall travel experience, making every journey a delicious gastronomic adventure for passengers.


  1. Is food on Rajdhani Express AC 3 tier free?

No, the Rajdhani train food is not free. The food charges are included when you purchase the ticket.

  1. How to find out if my food is included while travelling in Rajdhani Express?

The train fare of Rajdhani includes the meals for passengers. It includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea & dinner based on the time of the day. 

  1. How to choose the no-meal option while travelling through Rajdhani?

While booking your ticket, you come across an option that allows you to choose “food” or “no food” while travelling in Rajdhani. You can choose the no-meal option at that time. Once your ticket is booked, you won’t have the option to modify it.

  1. What is the cost of food on Rajdhani Express?

Passengers travelling on Rajdhani Express 1A or EC flights will have to pay Rs 190 (instead of Rs 140) for breakfast and evening snacks if they have not selected meals at the time of booking. Likewise, lunch and dinner are priced at Rs 290 instead of Rs 240.

For passengers travelling on 2AC/3A/CC flights of Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi Express, breakfast fare will be Rs 155 (instead of Rs 105), evening snacks will be Rs 140 (instead of Rs 90), lunch and more dinners will be Rs. 235 rupees (instead of 185 rupees).

  1. What is the food schedule in Rajdhani Express?

The Rajdhani Express food timing schedule can vary as there are specific trains and their routes. Yet, commonly Rajdhani Express offers complimentary meals to passengers. The meals include breakfast, lunch, evening tea & dinner.

Here’s the breakup of Rajdhani train food schedule:

BreakfastIn the morning between 6:30 am & 8:30 am
LunchIn the afternoon between Noon & 2:00 pm
Evening TeaIn the evening between 4:00 pm & 6:00 pm
DinnerServed in the evening or night generally between 7: 30 pm & 9:30 pm