How to Order Food in Humsafar Express Train

Indian Railways came into existence to make travel convenient. Over time, Indian Railways became the lifeline of travel across the nation, bringing together individuals & places through its expansive network. However, currently, the emphasis of train travel is on augmenting the passenger travel experience & with that in perspective, Indian Railways have made a significant stride by introducing Humsafar Express. Humsafar Express, an all AC-3 tier was made public by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. 

Popularly known as the demonstration of luxury & convenience, Humsafar Express has 22 coaches and accommodates multiple new features intended to make train travel more relaxed. Conversely, during this effort, aiming for a superior travel experience, a conventional concern keeps recurring among passengers which is the availability of a wide variety and good quality food while travelling.

This gives rise to the problem statement: How can passengers expect high-quality Humsafar express food while travelling?

As luck would have it, Indian Railways has come up with a remarkable solution to nip it in the bud, but effectively. The Humsafar Express offers voluntary meal service along with mini-pantries in every coach. It also allows passengers to order food from their favourite restaurant with the assistance of meal-delivery platforms like Railofy. Let’s deep dive into certain aspects of the Humsafar Express train along with how Railofy operates as a food delivery platform. 

Why choose the Humsafar Express Train?

Here’s what makes the Humsafar Express Train a smart pick. 

  1. Comfort & Convenience: Humsafar Express trains are fashioned in a way that they offer the highest level of comfort showcasing features like comfortable seating with proper space & ergonomically designed layout, sizable leg space, and contemporary conveniences to ascertain a comfortable journey.  
  2. Health Standards: For Humsafar Express, hygiene & cleanliness are non-negotiable. Providing features like bio-toilets, dust-resistant &  enclosed compartments and consistent cleaning schedules demonstrates the train’s commitment to health standards and ultimately creates a hygienic environment for passengers while travelling.
  3. Strengthened Safety: Another highly prioritized aspect of Humsafar Express trains is safety. This train renders high-tech safety features which include CCTV surveillance, a fire extinguishing system, and disaster communication facilities, guaranteeing that the passenger is safe & secure during the entirety of the journey.
  4. Up-to-date Technology: The Humsafar Express supports Wi-Fi onboard along with entertainment systems, GPS-based passenger information systems and charging points for electronic devices. It would be appropriate to say that Humsafar Express offers a modern & tech-savvy travel experience.
  5. Responsive Service: Another facet for which the Humsafar Express train is known is its adherence to schedule, efficient delivery service and experienced staff. All this merges and builds a hassle-free & enjoyable journey for passengers.
  6. Accessible Pantry: Every compartment possesses its mini-pantry. Passengers can make the most of the coffee/tea/soup vending machines installed by IRCTC aimed at making the train journey better.

Humsafar Express Food Options

Humsafar Express provides a multitude of food options to cater to different tastes & preferences. Passengers can choose from the list of beverages including standard tea, coffee etc. When it comes to meals passengers can anticipate South Indian rice assortment, rajma or chole chawal, masala dosa etc. For breakfast, there are options like cutlet, idli, vada etc. A-la-carte options are also available including chapati, kachori, thatte idly, bread butter, boiled egg, boiled egg, chicken, fried rice, etc. Humsafar Express food options aim to meet the dietary needs & preferences of all passengers. The Humsafar express food price list is fairly reasonable and guarantees a gratifying dining experience.

How to order food in Humsafar Express using Railofy?

Passengers can place their food orders through Railogy mobile app, website and even through WhatsApp. First & foremost decide on your food preferences. Given below are the next steps: 

Order food on Humsafar Express via Railofy mobile app or website

  1. Install the Railofy mobile app from the Google Play store or the ioS app store. You can visit the Railofy website as well.
  2. Search for nearby restaurants using the station, PNR number or train number.
  3. Gauge through the list of the restaurants or cuisines available in the city you currently are.
  4. Find out the restaurant you would like to order from, choose your dish, add it to your cart & checkout.
  5. Validate your PNR number, deat details, & contact information like email & phone number.
  6. Choose the payment option you prefer. The methods include net banking, debit/credit card and COD (cash on delivery)

Now just wait for your order to arrive at your seat. Sit back & relax.

Order food on Humsafar Express through Phone Call

  1. Get in touch with our customer care team at +91 9910424299.
  2. Give the details of your order and specifics of your journey like your train name & number, PNR number & station name to the customer care executive.
  3. Rest is on our team. You can pay at the time of the delivery.
  4. Once you receive the order at your seat, pay using cash on delivery.

Order food on Humsafar Express through WhatsApp:

  1. To begin with, save the Railofy WhatsApp Bot No. +91 7441111266 in your contacts.
  2. Send us a “Hi” to the number stated above and carry out the instructions to place your order request with the help of your PNR number.

With the assistance of Railofy, you can enjoy flavourful food in Rajdhani Express upgrading the journey.

Why order food in Humsafar Express using Railofy?

Here’s why you would benefit if you place your Humsafar Express food order through Railofy:

  1. Convenience

 Railofy aims to provide a comfort food experience on Rajdhani trains. By offering food that is fresh & hygienic directly to your seat, you are free from the hassles of searching for premium food. Passengers can place their orders easily and allow Railofy’s team to complete the remaining work while they relax during their journey.

  1. Quality & health standards

Railofy’s association with prominent restaurants across major cities ensures the delivery of quality food in Rajdhani. The preparation, packing & delivery of food is done using rigorous hygiene protocol, giving precedence to safety & health. Thorough quality assessments guarantee taste as well as health in food options offered.

  1. Multitude of options

Passengers can expect a comprehensive food menu which includes Chinese, South Indian & North Indian cuisines accompanied by biryanis, thalis, sweets & beverages. This wide selection of food accommodates every passenger’s taste and offers a rewarding culinary experience for all passengers.

  1. Affordable pricing: Another compelling justification for you to order using Railofy is the prices at which it offers the food. Railofy takes into consideration passengers of all budgets, therefore, covering the food options that are economical to everyone and also allowing them to travel at a moderate cost.
  2. Simplified ordering process: Railofy’s user-friendly platform enables you to place your orders without any complications. You can place your order either via the app or website. If not then you can call us on Railofy’s helpline number +91 9910424299 and put in your order effortlessly.
  3. Enticing discounts: If you are planning a group trip, you can benefit greatly from our special prices for bulk orders. Also, be on the lookout for our cashback offers. Railofy also time to time provides discounts & promotions, making your dining experience even more fulfilling.


Opting to go with Humsafar Express for your train journey is a decision supported by various benefits, especially food options. The provision of mini pantries in every coach paired with the convenience of ordering through Railofy, takes the train travel experience up a notch. The Railofy’s user interface is fairly intuitive ensuring that you order from a comprehensive list and your preferences are delivered to you promptly. Apart from that, ordering food via Railofy ensures convenience & quality augmenting the overall experience.

Adopt the convenience, reliability & contentment of the part & parcel when you choose the amalgam of Humsafar Express and Railofy.


  1. Is food free in Humsafar Express?

          Humsafar Express food is optional in the 3AC class. You can opt for train catering at the time of ticket booking & pay the charges for the same, then you will receive food while travelling. Alternatively, passengers also have the option to order food via other catering services. 

  1. What is the food price at Humsafar Express?

The Humsafar Express food price depends on the type of meal you order. For instance, the cost of idli & vada ranges from Rs.25-Rs.30/- & for an omelette of two eggs the price ranges between Rs.30-Rs.35/-/.

  1. How to order food in Humsafar Express?

You can order either Humsafar Express food from their pantry or take the help of Railofy. If you choose to order food via Railofy it is super easy and you can place your order through Railofy’s mobile app, website, phone call & WhatsApp. 

  1. Does Humsafar Express provide a food pantry for passengers?

Every coach in Humsafar Express has a small pantry unit supplied with a coffee/tea/soup vending machine, a heating chamber and a refrigerating box.