What is PNR number?

Looking at an Indian Railway Train ticket can feel overwhelming, especially for those unaware of the symbols & abbreviations. However, the concept of PNR number emerges as exceptional amidst the complexities. PNR numbers enable passengers to acquire real-time updates about the train journey, for instance, the current status of your reservation accompanied by important details about the train’s schedule. 

Educating both new and experienced train travellers is important. It clarifies the purpose of the PNR number and helps travellers manage tickets, check booking status and handle ticket issues such as lost tickets. The blog also covers PNR meaning and technological advancements in ticketing systems and provides travel tips and insights to ensure a smooth journey. Knowing the PNR number improves the booking experience for passengers, ensures efficient ticket management and enables them to travel safely on the railway system, making their travel experience more convenient and enjoyable.

What is the PNR number in the train?

The PNR full form is Passenger Name Record which is an integral part of the Indian Railways Computer Reservation System. PNR number, which is a 10-digit unique number, is allotted to every passenger at the time of ticket booking. You can consider it to be a central hub encompassing information related to your booking.

Your PNR number constitutes your details, including full name, gender, and age, along with other birth-related preferences you mentioned during the booking process, helping you identify as a ticket holder & traveller.  

Secondly, the PNR record withholds crucial ticket information, such as travel date, train number, boarding & destination station details, class of travel, allocated birth & booking quota. All the aforementioned information helps enable better planning and smooth travel arrangements.

In addition to that, the PNR record also hoards the transaction-related data including unique transaction ID, the payment method used by passengers along with price charged while booking making it easier to trace & substantiate the payment procedure.

The PNR number is like a treasure trove of important travel information. It streamlines the entire ticketing and travel process, ensuring a smoother experience for passengers and Indian Railways. Everything is organised and easily accessible, ensuring your trip is worry-free.

So, the next time you see a series of codes and symbols on your Indian train ticket, just know that the PNR number holds the key to deciphering all the important details about your journey.

Importance of the 10-digit PNR number

We cannot lay enough emphasis on the significance of the PNR number in the Indian Railway ticketing system. It can be appropriately stated as the distinct marker for each ticket reservation accommodating important information about a passenger’s journey. 

With the help of PNR numbers passengers as well as railway, authorities can access & govern booking details, check if the seat has been reserved, keep an eye on train schedules & make enhancements or cancellations in case required.

The absence of a PNR number makes ticket-related inquiries & recovering specific ticket information can prove to be challenging. That is why, the 10-digit PNR number holds great importance when it comes to the organisation & management of railway bookings effectively. 

Different PNR statuses

The PNR status of a train is classified as follows:

  • CNF – Denotes confirmed tickets.
  • RAC – For Reservation Against Cancellation ticket.
  • CAN – Denotes an invalidated ticket.
  • WL – For Waiting List ticket.
  • GNWL– For General Waiting List ticket.
  • PQWL – For Pooled Quota Waiting List ticket.
  • RLWL – For Remote Location Waiting List ticket.
  • TQWL – Tatkal Quota Waiting List ticket
  • NOSB – For the “No Seat Berth.” ticket

Ticket lost or misplaced: How can PNR help?

To find your lost ticket, you need to remember the PNR number and provide it when requesting another copy of your train ticket. You can avoid this situation or confusion by taking a photo of your ticket and saving it on your smartphone as evidence.

Methods to check PNR status online

It is possible to check PNR status in both online and offline modes. Some important methods are described here:

Online mode to check PNR

Visit the official websites of Indian Railways. Enter your PNR number to view live details of your train number, class, station name and more. For a confirmed ticket, the seat number and berth will be displayed. In addition, you can also view the preparation status of the reservation table.

Methods to check PNR status offline 

Dial 139 from your mobile dialer to get the current status of your ticket. You can also check the PNR status by simply entering your PNR number on your mobile phone and sending the message to the railway information number 139. You will shortly receive a notification from the railway information service about the status of your ticket.

Other Ways to Determine the PNR

Additional options include smart mobile applications that can be installed and used for real-time PNR status updates. Other ways to know PNR status include checking at railway counters and viewing final train schedules. The probability of a ticket moving from the currently unavailable status to the confirmed status is called the PNR status confirmation probability.

Indian Railway will start allocating seats in the waiting list category in all classes once all are confirmed and RAC tickets for a train are sold. The ability to apply these tickets to the waitlist is subject to cancellation of confirmed tickets and RAC. It also depends on components such as seasons, holidays, weekends and special events. Monitor the train running status once your ticket is confirmed.

How do you check PNR Status online?

Follow these easy steps to check your PNR status online:

  • Railofy App
  1. Download the Railofy mobile app.
  2. Open the app and steer to the PNR status section.
  3. Add your PNR number in the given area & tap on “Check Status”. 
  4. Now, the app will show you the status of your PNR along with reservation details, coach position & train platform number.
  • Through SMS
  1. Open messages on your mobile phone.
  2. To receive updates from Indian Railways, you need to send an SMS along with your PNR number to either 139 or 5676747.
  3. In revert, you will receive the current status of your NR along with details of your reservation & train information.
  • Via WhatsApp
  1. Firstly, save the number “9881193322” in the contacts.
  2. Open your WhatsApp & open the chat box of the saved IRCTC contact.
  3. Now, send your 10-digit PNR number as a message to the contact. 
  4. You can expect an instant response on your PNR status. 

Make sure you have a solid internet connection while checking your PNR status online. Over & above that, standard SMS charges can apply based on your mobile carrier’s tariff plan.


To sum up, understanding the importance of the PNR number in the Indian Railways System is necessary for both new as well as experienced travellers. All passenger details are linked to the PNR number and that is why it is considered as a central hub of information. To obtain real-time updates, reservation details & travel information, PNR is essential. It not only rationalises the ticketing & travel process but also guarantees a smooth experience for passengers as well as the railway authorities.

All passengers must be aware of the power that PNR holds as it enables them to manage ticket-related issues effectively, resulting in a healthier travelling experience.

Furthermore, different PNR statuses, such as CNF, RAC, WL, and others, play a significant role in understanding the booking status and making necessary changes or cancellations. In case of a lost or misplaced ticket, remembering the PNR number is key to retrieving specific ticket information and requesting another copy of the ticket.

In short, a PNR number is not just a set of random numbers but has facilitated the streamlining & enhancement of the railway ticketing & travel experience, making sure of a seamless journey for passengers across the Indian Railways network.


  1. How can I find my PNR number?

You can easily find your PNR number in either your ticket receipt or booking confirmation email. Another way is to log into your  Railofy account booking account, where you will easily find your PNR number.

  1. Why is the PNR number important?

          The PNR number is important because it uniquely distinguishes your travel booking, enabling you to verify your reservation status, seat allocation, and other details related to your journey.

  1. Where is the PNR number written?

The PNR number is written on either the top or bottom of your ticket, close to your name and journey details. 

  1. How to check the PNR number via SMS?

   To check your PNR number via SMS, send a message in the format “PNR <your PNR number>” to the SMS service number provided by your travel agent or rail provider.