Vande Bharat Express: A Representation of India’s Progressive Aspirations

Consistent development in railways holds great value not only because it modifies transportation efficiency, connectivity & safety but also because it is a prominent portrayal of a country’s obligation & dedication towards modern infrastructure, economic expansion & better life quality for its citizens.

Returning to the subject at hand, Vande Bharat Express is perfectly aligned with PM Narendra Modi’s Amrit Kaal Vision that aims to revolutionise the huge matrix of Indian railway, currently catering to over 800 crore passengers per annum, around 22000 trains per day & about 7300 stations. 

Vande Bharat Express is the first high-speed indigenous train rehabilitating the Indian railways that carries the aspirations of 1.4 billion Indians. By the announcement made by our Fiance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, there has been a significant boost in the railway budget from Rs.63,363 in 2013014 to Rs.2.4 lakh crores for 2023-24, aiming to harmonise with the vision of “Amrit Kaal”.

India has always been the flag bearer of incremental changes; however, contemporary times require a different approach. To attain excellence globally, Vande Bharat Express was developed using a radical approach within a span of just 18 months, whereas other trains take 2-3 years to develop and start working globally. The aforementioned demonstrates the potential of Indian engineers along with inspired political leadership, resulting in the achievement of a great milestone in the realisation of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Herein, we will discuss all the important aspects related to Vande Bharat Express, encompassing realities of history, its features, and its significance. Other than that, we will cover the areas like booking tickets & confirmation status for more clarity.


Vande Bharat Express initially known as Train 18 is Indian Railway’s semi-high-speed train that first set foot for trial run on 29th October 2018 in Tamil Nadu. The train streamed along the Chennai Central- Arkkonam section of the Chennai Suburban Railway network. 

The second trial run took place on 30th November 2018 streaming the same route but with a lower speed. Both the trials of 2018 were conducted under the surveillance of the Ministry of Railways. 

While trials Train 18 was able to reach top high speed, the actual seed is limited in most routes due to government speed regulations.

Train 18 came into existence to reconstitute old yet renowned trains like Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express & Gatiman Express. The train is similar to Japan’s bullet train when it comes to features & design. However, Train 18 was renamed “Vandebharat Express” to highlight the fact that it was manufactured in India. 

Features of Vande Bharat

Besides being a semi-high-speed train, Vandebharat Express has multiple other features that cater to the demands of travellers. These features encompass the presence of KAVACH- an automatic train protection system, preventing passengers from derailment & collision accompanied by Air Purification with an Antibacterial System purifying the air inside the train. 

On September 24, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set in motion nine additional Vande Bharat Express trains, bringing the total number to 34. The recent batch of trains has recently updated features. These modifications have transpired after careful consideration and multiple feedbacks from passengers accompanied by inputs from field experts. Every enhancement aims to offer an unparalleled travel experience to the passengers. Here’s the list of the latest modifications offered by Vande Bharat:

  1. New Angle for Reclining Seats

Even though subtle, this enhancement is significant. Passengers will experience comfort with the provision of adjusted seat reclination angles. The increase in the angle from 17.31 degrees to 19.37 degrees sets the seal on comfort, whether the journey is short or long.

  1. Aesthetic Upgrade- Executive Cabin Quiet Blue

Enjoy the visual transformation of an executive-class coach, with soothing blue seats creating a peaceful ambience for a relaxing journey.

  1. Improved Cabin Footrests

The extended footrest in executive class enables passengers to experience more comfort, allowing them to fully relax during the journey.

  1. Excellent Connectivity

Phone charging is conveniently available under the seat, making it easier to stay connected.

  1. Better Hygiene

Passengers can experience a cleaner, more hygienic environment with the provision of a deeper sink that reduces splashing and increases comfort.

  1.  Improved Lighting & Grip in Toilets 

Enjoy greater safety and comfort in the restroom with improved lighting and grip to ensure a smooth visit.

  1. Wheelchair Points

Vande Bharat ensures that special facilities are accessible to all to accommodate wheelchair users in control vehicles.

  1. Improved Air Tightness

Experience the best climate control in your cabin with improved air tightness and insulation.

  1. Roller Blind Fabric

Benefit from the increased tear resistance and reduced transparency of roller blind fabric, ensuring a balanced relationship between functionality and aesthetics.

  1.  Capacitive touch for Luggage Rack Lighting

Easily adjust rack lighting with capacitive touch control for a more user-friendly experience.

Vande Bharat Express Food: Price, Timings, Options & Quality  

Recognised for its premium service, Vande Bharat Express food menu is diverse and includes renowned brands like Chaayos, Nescafe, Pind Balluchi & Landmark Hotel. Passengers have the option to choose from options like tea, coffee, green tea, juices, toasted samosas, waffles, sweetened popcorn etc. The assorted menu of meals includes breakfast options like croissants, bruschetta, etc, and lunch/dinner includes desserts like pulao, dal, paneer or boneless chicken, roti/parantha and gulab jamun.

For travellers travelling between Delhi and Varanasi, the fare includes meals and differs between executive chair car and chair car fares. Meal timings at Vande Bharat Express usually follow normal meal timings: breakfast is served in the morning, lunch is served at noon, and dinner is served in the evening.

For passengers travelling between Delhi and Varanasi, food on Vande Bharat Express is included in the fare. Full meal charges between these destinations are Rs 399 for the Executive Chair Class and Rs 344 for the Chair Class. On the return trip, meals cost Rs 349 in the executive chair car and Rs 288 in the chair car.

Significance of Vande Bharat Express Train

Indian Railways & tourism is an exceeding contributor to the nation’s GDP, and the establishment of Vande Baharat Express can prove to be a paradigm shifter for both sectors. Even though Indian Railways is the 4th largest nexus in the world and is renowned for its safety, it is condemned for the late timings & slacker schedule. Train systems like that of Vande Bharat Express can result in a better rating of Indian Railways on a worldwide level. Other than a timeous schedule, trains like these enable every citizen to undergo an experience of luxury & comfort at inexpensive prices.

The presence of these speedy trains will enhance the travel experience allowing passengers to reach their destinations timely. However, what cannot be disregarded is the rising need to amend the infrastructure & regulations of the country to achieve the exact paper value.

Vande Bharat Express: Upcoming Developments 

The success of Vande Bharat Express in its first 5 routes, which were-Katra-New Delhi, Amritsar-Delhi, Coimbatore-Bangalore, Mangalore-Madgaon, Jalna-Mumbai, and Ayodhya-Delhi, conveyed a great deal.

In light of the aforementioned success, Indian Railways bracing to bring in 60 new Vande Bharat Express trains across 14 more states & 2 Union Territories in 2024, after significantly launching & expanding 34 trains in 2023.

The plan currently encompasses the delivery of 70 trains by the end of 2024. Around 60 of them will make their debut before November 15, laying out new routes & building better connectivity.

These efforts towards these endeavours are directly proportional to the government’s vision to modify rail transportation by offering a faster, more efficient & comfortable train experience. The Vande Bharat Express train routes are created strategically after thorough discussions & case studies with active participation by state governments highlighting the dedication towards maximum utility & long-lived viability.

The outlined evolution displays the success & popularity of Vande Bharat Trains to meet the consistently increasing demand. To reach the goal of 4,500 Vande Bharat trains by 2047, Indian Railways is equipped and is on track to make significant changes resulting in the upgradation of railway infrastructure & encouraging indigenous manufacturing.

How to book a ticket for Vande Bharat Express via Railofy?

Booking Vande Bharat train tickets through Railofy is easy; just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Railofy website, www., or download the Railofy app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Learn about the Vande Bharat Express train details, schedule and availability.
  3. Choose the desired Vande Bharat Express train and preferred cabin class (e.g. Executive Coach or Chair Car).
  4. Check seat availability and confirm your reservation.
  5. Make your payment using the payment options available on the Railofy platform.
  6. Upon successful booking, you will receive an e-ticket containing your itinerary details.
  7. Railofy, as a trusted and premium partner of IRCTC, ensures a seamless booking experience with a travel guarantee for the waitlist and RAC tickets. 

Additionally, Railofy enhances your travel experience on Vande Bharat Express by offering the cleanest in-car food from top restaurants through its Railofy app.

How do you check the confirmation status for Vande Bharat Express? 

Follow the steps below to determine the conformation status for Vande Bharat Express via the Railofy app or website:

  1. Open the Railofy website or Railofy app on your iOS/Android.
  2. Sign in to your Railofy account using your credentials. In case you don’t have an account, signing up is pretty easy.
  3. Check PNR Status” or “PNR Forecast” section will help you proceed.
  4. Add the 10-digit PNR number of the Vande Bharat Express train booking that you want to verify.
  5. Tap on “Check Status” to find out the confirmation status and forecast. 
  6. We will then share the present status of your reservation “Confirmed”, “RAC”(Reservation Against Cancellation), “WL”( Waiting List) or GNWL” (General Waiting List) along with the provision of predication whether or not your reservation will be completed. There is a chance that a standby ticket will be confirmed.

The predictive algorithm used by us adopts historical data & other factors to understand the probability that your standby ticket will be confirmed, helping you make an informed decision.

To sum up, Vande Bharat Express represents the accelerating aspirations of India along with its adherence to the transformation of railway infrastructure. The state-of-the-art technology, strategic routes & dedication to passenger comfort make Vande Bharat Express revolutionary. 


  1. What is the cost of the Vande Bharat Ticket?

​​The fares on the Vande Bharat Express range from Rs 1,052 for economy class (CC Chairman) to Rs 1,262 for Tatkal fare and Rs 1,869 for General class (Executive Chairman) to Rs 2,299 for Tatkal fare.

  1. Can I book tickets through Vande Bharat Express using Railofy?

Yes, you can book Vande Bharat Express tickets through Railofy by visiting our website or app, selecting your desired train and class, checking availability, paying and receiving your e-ticket instantly.

  1. How to check the confirmation status of Vande Bharat Express tickets through Railofy?

           To find out the confirmation status of your Vande Bharat Express ticket on Railofy, submit your 10-digit PNR number in the section provided on the Railofy website or app to determine the current status and get predictions related to your reservation’s confirmation.

  1. What are the food options available on the Vande Bharat Express train?

While travelling through Vande Bharat, passengers can make the most of the diverse menu including beverages, snacks, breakfasts & lunch/dinner options from famous brands like Nescafe, Pind Balluchi, Chaayos, etc.