How to Order Delectable Snacks for Train

Train rides, with their steady clatter and constantly shifting scenery, have long enchanted travellers around the globe. The exhilaration of a cross-country adventure and the nostalgia of a leisurely trip through beautiful scenery are two sides of the same coin when it comes to train travel. But what actually adds to the delight of travelling by train are snacks for train travel. 

Read on to find out all about ordering delectable snacks for train and how you can improve your eating experience while on the move. 

Healthy Snacking Options 

The right food along any journey is vital in making your trips satisfying and enjoyable. Whether it is a long or a short journey, food is important. Here are some of the best snacks for train travel that you can consider: 

  • Fresh Fruits 

These natural snacks are the ideal blend of sweetness, water, and nutrition. Choose fruits that are easy to carry, minimally packaged and reasonably mess-free, such as apples, bananas, oranges, or grapes. In addition to their delicious taste, they will keep you energetic all day long because of the vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants they contain.

  • Trail Mix 

A flexible and easy snack alternative, trail mix is perfect for train travel. An assortment of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds make trail mix an excellent snack for staving off hunger and providing continuous energy since it has a good combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbs. Mix and match your favourite nuts and dried fruits to make a healthy and tasty trail mix. Add raisins, cashews, almonds, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds for a satisfying snack.

  • Granola Bars 

Trendy always, granola bars have become the most appropriate snack for rail journeys. Granola bars are bite-sized and convenient snacks specially enriched in oats, almonds, and dried fruits. They are found in various flavours to meet everyone’s unique preferences. Granola bars can quickly satiate your hunger and, at the same time, give you a quick energy boost anytime and anywhere. They come in several flavours like chocolate chip, peanut butter, mixed berries, etc.

  • Sandwiches

Sandwiches, with their mixture of classic tastes and textures, are a great portible snack for any trip. For a tasty and balanced snack, try making turkey or chicken sandwiches on whole-grain bread with various vegetables. Sandwiches are adaptable enough to please every individual taste, be it classic combinations like ham and cheese or modern ones such as avocado and tomato.

  • Yogurt Cups 

Train snacks like yoghurt cups, which come in individual portions, are an excellent choice for a cool and creamy snack. Yoghurt is a great way to get protein and good bacteria for your digestive system, plus it’s rich in calcium and probiotics. For an extra burst of flavour and texture, top your plain or flavoured yoghurt cups with some granola or fresh fruit.

  • Whole-grain Crackers 

A traditional and decadent snack combo, cheese and crackers never fail to gratify. Pack some whole-grain crackers with some pieces of cheese like cheddar or Swiss for a tasty and portable snack that provides a good mix of carbs and protein. If you want to up the taste and nutritional value, throw in some chopped fruit or nuts.

You should consider nutritional content, shelf life, and portability while choosing food for your train trip. Your trip will be more pleasant and stress-free if you prepare a selection of tasty and healthy snacks for train travel. Prepare for a gastronomic journey as you load up on your favourite snacks, gather your belongings, and board the train.

Suggestions for Snacking on the Train

Although munching tasty treats while riding the rails is tempting, being an expert train snacker calls for planning, paying attention, and being kind to your fellow riders. Think about these suggestions to make sure eating on the train goes smoothly and tastes good:

  • The key to a fantastic train dining experience is bringing delicious, convenient, easy-to-carry snacks. To decrease waste and clutter, choose packed or individually wrapped foods. 
  • Bring as much water or other hydrating fluids as your snacks on your journey. Be sure to drink water regularly to prevent dehydration, making you feel even more ill than when you are hungry or tired.
  • It is simple to devour a lot of food and feel discomfort while travelling by rail. But practice portion control, and you will easily defeat this temptation. To prevent mindless snacking, keep the snacks stored in compact, single-serving containers or portion them out ahead of time,
  • While you enjoy your food, be courteous to other passengers on board and to your environment. Place your food wrappers and debris in the trash cans so that you can use the train without damaging the environment. Try to avoid dishes that have distinctive aromas or whose packaging is loud.
  • One of the best ways to optimise the train snacking experience is to prepare your snacks in advance and store them in containers or bags that are easy to open. This will help you have food supplies whenever hunger strikes and save you time and energy.
  • By making available a wide variety of snacks that cater to different tastes and preferences, snacking will no longer be a boring routine but will instead become a fun activity. On the road, keep your taste senses occupied with a selection of sweet and savoury treats, crunchy and creamy textures, and naughty and healthy goodies.
  • If you do not want to cook or prepare snacks before the journey, you can order food in train travel online through the IRCTC website and your ticket. Alternatively, use third-party apps like Railofy for the same and enjoy a vast selection of snacks from some of your favourite restaurants. 

Follow the tips to make the most of your train eating experience and ensure you and the other passengers are comfortable, relaxed, and happy. 

Booking Snack Orders On Train

If you want to book your snacks for train travel online, you can do so via the e-catering on the IRCTC website/app or using IRCTC-authorized partner platforms such as Railofy. Here is what you can do – 

  • Visit the Railofy app/website.
  • Go to the order food online section.
  • Fill in your delivery station, train name or number, and your seat number.
  • Select a restaurant of your choice
  • Place your snack order
  • Pay in cash or online options
  • Now, simply sit back and relax. Your order will get delivered to your train seat. 


Snacks for train travel have always been an integral part of our journeys on rails. So go ahead and try the delectable options mentioned above, or order online to make your travel experience seamless and memorable. 


Can I bring my own snacks on the train?

Train passengers can bring their own food and beverages aboard. However, to avoid being inconsiderate to other passengers, you should not bring messy or strong-smelling foods. In addition, you should not take any item that might turn bad during the journey, such as perishable food products.

What are the options for buying refreshments on a train?

Snacks can be purchased in designated food booths at main railway stations, caterers, and on pantry cars. Also, some long-distance trains are served with an onboard catering service where the passengers have a choice between a wide range of beverages.

How can I book snacks on a train through Railofy?

You can book snacks on a train through Railofy’s website or mobile app. Simply select your train, enter your journey details, and choose from a variety of snack options available.

Can I customise my snack order according to my dietary restrictions?

Yes, Railofy allows some degree of customisation for snack orders. You can specify any dietary restrictions or preferences while placing your order, and Railofy will do its best to accommodate them.

When should I place my snack order for my train journey?

It is recommended to place your snack order at least a few hours before your scheduled train departure. This ensures that your snacks are prepared fresh and delivered on time. However, you can book the same with your train ticket booking as well.

Is it possible to get nutritious snacks on trains?

Train snack choices can be from processed and less healthy to more nutritious ones, including fresh fruits, nuts, yoghurt, and salad. If visitors would like to take their own nutritious snacks with them to keep up the diet while travelling, that’s absolutely fine.

Is it possible to request a specific snack, or have dietary preferences met on trains?

Snacks that are suitable for vegetarians, Jainites, gluten-free people, or those with diabetes may be available from railway catering services. When purchasing tickets or speaking with the food staff on board, passengers may ask about these alternatives.