How to Order Pizza in Train

Train journeys are cost-effective and comfortable but with food options needing to be improved, the experience can become less satisfying. Prolonged train rides can leave you hunger-stricken and we are all aware of the unexciting & standard train menu which always misses out on our favourite things. This is the situation where ordering pizza in train becomes a ground-breaking step. 

The availability of pizza in train adds to the limited variety which is generally available. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or have a yearning for a spicy Chicken Tikka or fondness for a loaded Veggie Supreme, ordering pizza in train will cater to all your pizza cravings making your journey even more enjoyable.

Furthermore, ordering pizza in train saves time and is an effortless alternative to pantry meals, scheduled meal times, or making halts at the stations.

Fundamentally speaking, the availability of pizza on a train changes the way we comprehend the food available on the train, evolving boring meals into happy & savoury experiences. Let’s dig a little deeper and understand how this transformation not only fulfils the requirements of modern passengers but also sets a benchmark for culinary excellence & convenience in train travel.

Which brands offer Pizza in Train?

  1. Dominos

Dominos has partnered with various railway catering services along with online platforms to provide pizza on a train to all train passengers. Domino’s train delivery is now available through apps and websites. The brand guarantees delivery within the specified time and sustains the quality of their pizzas despite being in transit ultimately making it a popular choice for train passengers who are looking for tasty & reliable pizza options.

  1. Oven Story Pizza

Oven Story has also established itself in the train food delivery division by complying with railway catering services and online platforms. Their speciality is inventive toppings & crust choices. Passengers can order without complications from Oven Story Pizzas through dedicated apps or websites adding a delicious touch to your train journey.

  1. La Pinoz Pizza:

La Pino’z Pizza has expanded its offerings to serve train passengers. Collaborating with railway catering services and online food delivery platforms, passengers can enjoy La Pino’z signature pizza with authentic taste and high-quality ingredients during their train journey. The brand’s focus on traditional pizza-making techniques and fresh ingredients ensures a delicious in-flight dining experience.

  1. Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut has also entered the train food delivery market, allowing passengers to order their favourite pizza on the train. Whether it’s classic pizza, special flavours or custom pizzas, Pizza Hut maintains its taste standards and quality, even when delivered by train. Passengers can easily access Pizza Hut’s menu and place orders through designated platforms, enriching their dining options while travelling.

Dominos v/s Ovenstory v/s LaPinos’ v/s Pizza Hut 

AspectsDominosOvenStoryLa PinosPizza Hut
Menu Variety & Speciality Variety of classic yet innovative pizzas & sides like garlic bread and pasta.Gourmet pizzas with unique flavour combinations and premium toppings. New York-style pizzas with generous toppings, including speciality flavours.Diverse menu with classic pizzas, signature flavours, stuffed crust options, and appetizers.
Quality and FreshnessConsistent QualityPremium QualityFresh ingredients with traditional pizza-making techniquesHigh quality. Focuses on taste & texture 
Customization OptionsAvailable for crusts, toppings, sauces & cheeseAvailable for crusts, toppings & cheeseToppings & crust customization& available Toppings & stuffed crusts options
Delivery Efficient delivery systemFocuses on timely delivery & maintains freshnessStrives for timely delivery Reliable & timely delivery 

How to order Pizza in Train through Railofy?

Want to know about train me pizza kaise order kare. Well, it is easy and even better when ordering pizza on train through Railofy. Follow the steps given below:

  1. First & foremost, make sure you have your PNR number in front of you.
  2. Hunt through the website and click on “food on train”.
  3. From the list of the stations, choose the station you want your pizza delivery to take place, and add your PNR number & train number. 
  4. Once you add the station’s name, search for cuisine or dish. For instance, you want pizza through Domino’s delivery. Search for “pizza”.
  5. Now, add Dominos as your preferred restaurant.
  6. Add the item to your cart, and type your mobile number while checking out.
  7. In the end, add your contact information, which includes your name, PNR number, and email ID & make the payment.  

Additionally, you can order pizza on a train through Railofy by using the following means as well:

  • Mobile App: Download the app, log into your account, and order using your train details.
  • Railofy Website: Gauge through the list of options & choose your favourite Domino’s pizza to order on the train. Make payment online, and your order will be delivered to your seat.
  • Phone Order: You can place your order at Railofy by calling 74441111266, offering train details, choosing your meals & pick out your preferred payment option. You can make a pre-payment or pay once the order is delivered to your seat.

Why order pizza in train?

Pizza on a train is a big hit amongst modern passengers nowadays owing to its convenience, variety & fabulous taste. With constantly evolving technology & availability of food delivery services, enjoying pizza on train has become feasible. Let’s find out why ordering pizza in train has become such a big deal.

  1. Convenience: Comfort is the top-most reason for ordering pizza in train. Passengers can choose their favourite pizza toppings and have them delivered directly to their seats, rather than relying on limited options in train pantries or stations. 
  2. Wide range of options: Pizza menus usually offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you prefer vegetarian, non-vegetarian or speciality pizza, you can find a pizza to suit your taste on the train.
  3. Top-notch Quality: Pizzas ordered from food delivery services ensure freshness & quality, suggesting that passengers can enjoy delicious and freshly cooked pizza during train journeys, upgrading their comprehensive travel experience.
  4. Especially tailored orders: Pizza orders can be customized as per personal preference. From choosing crust type and thickness to selecting toppings and sauces, passengers have the flexibility to create their ideal pizza combination for a customized dining experience.

With convenient online ordering and reliable delivery, passengers can enjoy their favourite pizza while travelling without sacrificing flavour or freshness. This trend reflects the changing preferences of modern travellers, who value comfort and gourmet options while on the road.

Final Thoughts

The commencement of ordering pizza in train has transformed onboard catering, putting forward a convenient and flavour-packed option for all passengers. Train journeys are renowned for their affordability & comfort, most often displaying insufficiency when it comes to exciting food choices and quality. Services like Oven Story, La Pino’z, Pizza Hut & Domino’s train delivery have established a connection by providing a diverse range of pizzas catering to various preferences.

Primarily, the availability of pizza on trains changes the way passengers think about onboard dining, giving the modern traveller a convenient, customizable and delicious option.


  1. Which apps deliver pizza in train?

Various apps deliver pizza on trains including Dominos, Oven Story, La Pino’z & Pizza Hut. People can place orders by using their dedicated apps, website or through Railofy.

  1. How can I order pizza in train using Railofy?

To order pizza on the train with Railofy, visit their website or mobile app, select “Food on train”, enter your train details, select a restaurant (e.g. Domino’s), add the item to your cart and complete the checkout process (including your contact information) starting with your PNR number.

  1. Can I place a bulk pizza order in train?

Yes, passengers can place bulk pizza orders in train with the help of apps like Railofy catering to group orders & special occasions.

  1. Can I order pizza in train with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Railofy allows you to order pizza in train with dietary restrictions.

They often offer options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary preferences, so you can customize your pizza order accordingly.