How to Check RAC Ticket Confirm Status?

Low fares and ease of use have made the railways a primary mode of transportation for millions nationwide. However, securing a confirmed ticket can sometimes be challenging. More so, with the possibility of being issued a Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) ticket. 

While a RAC ticket assures travellers a seat on the train, there’s often uncertainty about whether it will be confirmed. The passengers are often provided with only half of a berth and sent to a cabin accommodating two passengers. 

Read on to understand how passengers can quickly check their RAC ticket confirm status or otherwise and understand the process to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.

Methods to Check RAC Ticket Confirm Status

Some of the methods to check RAC ticket confirm include:

  • Through Official Website: 

Passengers can visit the Indian Railways official website ( and log into their accounts. Then, they can navigate to the ‘PNR Status‘ section, enter their PNR number, and check the RAC ticket confirm status.

  • Through the Mobile App: 

The Indian Railways has a mobile application called “IRCTC Rail Connect”. It allows users to check their PNR status conveniently. You can download the app, log in, enter your PNR number, and view the status of your RAC ticket.

  • Via SMS: 

Passengers can also check their RAC ticket confirm status through SMS. Simply text PNR <your PNR number> to 139. Within seconds, you will get an SMS indicating your current ticket status. 

  • Through Helpline: 

Dial 139—the Indian Railways helpline number offers various services, including PNR status inquiry. Passengers can call the helpline and follow the automated prompts. When you enter your PNR number, you will get the status of your RAC ticket.

  • At Railway Station: 

To check RAC ticket confirm status, passengers can visit the nearest railway station. Passengers can verify their ticket status by contacting the nearest train staff through the train enquiry desk and giving their PNR number as a reference.

  • Third-party apps 

Apart from the official channels, you can also track your RAC ticket confirm status using third-party apps or websites such as Railofy. Users should verify the legitimacy and security of the site before using it to track their RAC ticket status.

Is an RAC ticket better than a waitlisted one?

Yes, a RAC ticket is much better than a waitlisted ticket. With a RAC ticket, you are guaranteed a seat, even if it is shared. But if your ticket is marked as GNWL or RLWL, it indicates that you have been placed on the waiting list.

Priority boarding will be granted to passengers with RAC status if a confirmed reservation is cancelled. 

All RAC holders will be assigned a confirmed ticket before waitlisted tickets are considered, so always opt for a RAC ticket instead of a waitlisted one when travelling on the Indian Railway. Also, while RAC passengers might have to share a seat initially, there’s a possibility of getting a full berth if additional berths become available due to cancellations.

When does RAC get confirmed?

If someone else cancels their reservation, your RAC can be changed to a confirmed reservation. However, there are times when other people cancel their tickets, and your RAC still needs to be updated. Don’t worry—the RAC status is sometimes updated after preparing the train chart, and sometimes, it is changed after a train has already left. If this happens, you should contact your TT (Traveling Ticket Examiner) to find out your current RAC ticket confirm status.  

Tips for passengers with RAC tickets 

Follow the tips below for an easy journey: 

  1. Early Booking 

When tickets are purchased in advance, there is a much better chance of getting a confirmed reservation. However, during peak travel hours or on frequently travelled routes, tickets may sell out fast. Therefore, to avoid such disappointment, book early.

  1. Different Choices

If the RAC status of the preferred route is probable or availability is limited, passengers are advised to seek out other travel choices. You should see whether any berths are confirmed on other trains that run the same route, as this increases your chances of getting a berth.

  1. Flexibility in Train 

Flexibility in trip dates would be advantageous for such passengers with RAC tickets. By checking alternative travel dates, passengers may find trains with more availability and improve their odds of getting a guaranteed berth. Midway through the week or on days without heavy traffic may yield better results.

  1. Monitor Ticket Status

Travellers should closely monitor the status of their RAC tickets in the days leading up to their scheduled departure. Ticket statuses are subject to change as we approach the departure date due to factors such as cancellations or additional seat allocations. Keeping passengers updated on the status of their tickets allows them to better organize their trip plans.

  1. Think About Your Upgrade Options:

For some customers, the only way to go from RAC to confirmed is to investigate upgrading options. Consider alternative routes with higher availability or inquire about availability in higher classes. Improving the trip might make it more enjoyable and give you peace of mind, but there might be hidden fees.

  1. Stay Informed on Changes to Policies:

Passengers must familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations about RAC tickets. Knowing the cancellation policies, terms and conditions, and regulations that impact RAC status may help passengers make better selections.

  1. Arrive at the Station Well in Advance:

It is recommended that passengers with RAC tickets arrive at the station at least 30 minutes before the scheduled boarding time to prevent any potential delays. Arriving early ensures that you will get a berth and have enough time.


In a novel approach, the Indian Railways’ RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) system allows customers to be accommodated regardless of whether their seat or berth is confirmed when booking. This creates a chance of a later upgrade to confirmed status. 

Customers can easily access their booking information via railway enquiry counters, automated phone services, web platforms, and a short messaging service (SMS). This helps check RAC ticket confirm status timely.

When one is proactive in making advanced reservations, finding alternative trains, choosing flexible travel dates, and monitoring their tickets, there are better chances of having a guaranteed seat and a pleasurable journey.

The RAC system aims to make rail travel more accessible to more people in India by optimising seat utilisation and ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers.


Can I travel with an RAC ticket if it is not confirmed?

Even if they have not been officially confirmed, passengers with RAC tickets can still travel. However, they might have to share a berth with someone else. 

What should I do if my RAC ticket is not confirmed?

Your RAC status will allow you to travel even if your ticket is not confirmed. However, you could consider different trains or more convenient travel dates. Those who have tickets on the waitlist should check the status on the days leading up to the departure date in case of any changes.

How can I upgrade my RAC ticket to a confirmed ticket?

Cancellations or additional seat allocations may result in RAC tickets being upgraded to confirmed status. To find out if their ticket has been upgraded, passengers can check the status of their ticket frequently before the journey. 

Is there a deadline for checking RAC ticket confirm status before the journey?

Before your trip, checking the RAC ticket confirmation status is a good idea. However, there is no deadline as such. For a trouble-free journey, passengers should check the status of their tickets before getting on the train.