How to Check Train Running Status?

The ability to authenticate live train running status has transformed train passengers’ experience while travelling by providing them with real-time updates on the movement and timetable of trains. As the term “check train running status “suggests, it is about a train’s current state, speed, and what time it will reach its destination, making passengers plan better and keeping abreast with any delays or alterations. Herein, we will discuss the importance of live train running status, its advantages, and how to check train running status. 

When using train running status check online, it facilitates individuals who travel often stay updated about the present whereabouts of the train simplifying their journeys.

What is the live train running status?

Real-time updates on the location, movement, and schedule of a train are provided by live train running status. This valuable service offers accurate information to both passengers and railway authorities regarding the train’s progress along its designated route. It includes essential details such as the train’s current position displayed on a map, its velocity, the chosen route, and the expected times of arrival and departure at upcoming stations.

Additionally, live train running status also informs passengers about any delays or deviations from the original timetable, providing reasons for the delay if known. This data is of utmost importance for passengers as it allows them to effectively plan their journeys, anticipate arrival times, and stay well-informed about any changes to the train’s schedule.

Accessible through official railway websites, mobile apps, and inquiry services, live train running status offers valuable insights to ensure a smoother and more efficient train travel experience.

What are the benefits of checking Live Train Running Status?

This is why train running status requires regular inspections:

  1. On-the-spot updates: Passengers can make the most of real-time & precise updates about their train’s estimated time of arrival (ETA), existing location or potential delays along with platform number for arrival & departure.
  2. Propels better planning: Live train running status check saves time and enables you to plan your journey better. You can structure and manage the rest of the day if your train is behind the planned time.
  3. Prevents discomfort: Checking live train running status consistently can help passengers avoid unwanted waiting times and reach the station near the arrival time of the train.
  4. Connecting Trains: For travellers with connecting trains or difficult schedules, keeping track of train running status enables uncomplicated transitions & helps them steer clear of missed connections.
  5. Efficient Functioning: Staff as well as railway authorities can also gain benefit from live train running status data to govern train operations proficiently, including rerouting trains, managing delays & adjusting schedules.
  6. Safety & Security: Real-time updates on train operations help keep passengers safe and allow for better coordination during emergencies or unexpected events.

Comprehensively, checking the live train running status modifies your travel experience by offering swift & meticulous information resulting in hassle-free journeys & better customer satisfaction.

How do you check train Running status?

Want to know train running status platforms available to you? Here’s the list of platforms & a step-by-step guide answering the most sought-after query, “How to check train running status?”

  1. How to check train running through IRCTC
  • Open the IRCTC official website or app.
  • Sign into your account or create a new one if you don’t have one.
  • Navigate to “Train Enquiry” 
  • Add your train number, choose the date of travel and click on “check status”.
  • You now have the train running status displayed on your screen with details like current location, expected arrival time or delays in case there are any.
  1. How to check train running through Railofy?
  • Download the Railofy app.
  • Create your account or sign in.
  • Click on “running status” written on the top
  • Mention your train details, such as train number or name, date of travel and other important information.
  • You now have the real-time status of the train in front of you accompanied by delays, expected arrival time, current location etc.
  1. NTES(National Train Enquiry System)
  •   Access the website or download the NTES mobile app.
  • Move through the NTES platform and look for “Live Train Running Status” section.
  • Submit the train number and choose your date of travel.
  • Navigate & click on “check status” to view the live train running status.
  • NTES will set forth all the details about train’s current coordinates, next stations, delays if any along with other relevant details.

So, using the abovementioned platforms can help you stay in the loop with live running status of trains & organize your journey accordingly.

Things to know before checking train running status online?

To track train running status through IRCTC, the following details are mandatory:

  1. Date of Journey(DOJ): DOJ is easy to spot on your ticket or even in the text message you receive once you book your ticket. This is the date when the passenger takes the train.
  2. Train Number & Name: A distinctive 5-digit number designated to each train.
  3. Source & Destination Status Name: A passenger must know the source and destination station names. The station from which the train starts its journey is the source station, while the final stop is the destination.

Popular Trains for checking Live Train Running Status

Passengers generally want to know the train running status of the following popular trains:

  1. Jaynagar to New Delhi- Swatantra Senani Express- 12561
  2. Delhi Anand Vihar to Kamakhya- North East Express- 12506
  3. New Delhi to Puri- Purshottam Express-12802
  4. Kolkata Howrah to Haridwar- Doon Express-13009
  5. Delhi Anand Vihar to Sitamarhi-Lichchavi Express- 14006
  6. New Delhi to Darbhanga- Bihar Sampark Kranti- 12566

Thus, knowing how to check train running status online can prove to be useful for train travellers. It comes with several advantages, like real-time updates, enhanced journey planning, and convenience. By taking assistance from websites or apps like IRCTC, Railofy and NTES, users can have information about their train’s movement in real-time.

Even so, people must understand the facts regarding live-tracking trains on the internet since undesirable incidences may occur. On a comprehensive level, integrating checking live train running status into your travel pattern can enhance your journeying experience and enable you to navigate smoothly through unexpected situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the train running status?

The train running status refers to the up-to-the-minute information about your train’s whereabouts, schedule, delays along with other important updates.

  1. How to check train running status via SMS?

Here’s how to check train running status via SMS:

  • Compose a new text message.
  • Type AD and type 5-digit train number along with STD code of the station where you want to track the train’s arrival & departure. 
  • Send the message to 139.
  • Wait for the update on the live train running status, which you will receive almost instantly.
  1. How to check train running status through WhatsApp?

Here’s how to check train running status through WhatsApp using Railofy. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, save Railofy’s WhatsApp number, 9881193322, in your contacts.
  • Open Railofy’s chat on your WhatsApp.
  • Share your PNR number in the chat.
  • Send the message.
  • You will instantly receive a real-time update regarding your train running status.
  1. Which sources should I rely on to check my train running status?

You can check your train running status from official railway websites & apps like IRCTC, NTES(National Train Enquiry System), & trustworthy platforms like Railofy.

  1. What is the source for Live Train Status for Railofy?

Railofy is IRCTC authorized to render live train status for most trains that run under Indian Railways.