How to Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket?

Vande Bharat Express is an electric multiple-unit train that travels throughout India and has been in the headlines recently. Integral Coach Factory Chennai spent 18 months designing and building the vehicle, which also goes by the name Train 18, as part of the government of India’s “Make In India” program.

The Vande Bharat Express was flagged from New Delhi Railway Station on October 3, 2019. It was introduced to facilitate travel, aid economic development, and attract religious tourists.

Enhanced connection, high-tech features, opulent facilities, and national pride contributed to Vande Bharat Express’s success. Consistently captivating passengers and setting new standards for quality in train travel, it serves as a symbol of India’s growth and innovation in the railway industry.

So, do want to know how to book vande bharat train ticket online? You have come to the right place. Let’s explore it more in the article below. 

Why is Vande Bharat So Popular?

So, before learning about how to book Vande Bharat train ticket, let’s first understand what made Vande Bharat so popular. Vande Bharat Express is renowned for its excellent on-board amenities and outstanding services. This train’s comfortable, air-conditioned coaches, roomy seating, and advanced fittings provide a pleasurable and elegant journey. The on-board cuisine options are outstanding, with an irresistible assortment of food and drinks for various tastes.

Also, the Vande Bharat Express shows how India’s technological prowess is recognised worldwide and how the ‘Make in India’ ideology is put into practice. It is a symbol of technical genius, independence, and technological progress, as it is the first train in India to be designed, planned, and constructed entirely inside the nation. This aspect is mainly responsible for the train’s meteoric rise to fame and universal acclaim; it has become an icon of love and patriotism.

Vande Bharat’s Features

Some of the best features of Vande Bharat include:

  1. Executive Class Footrest

Executive class passengers on the Vande Bharat Express can have an enlarged footrest. This innovative solution meets the demanding needs of passengers by ensuring that they stretch out and rest throughout their journey. 

  1. Fully Air-Conditioned Coaches

Regardless of the weather, travellers on the Vande Bharat Express will have a comfortable and enjoyable journey since every coach is equipped with air conditioning. The interiors’ design ensures optimal temperature levels during travel.

  1. Dynamic Exterior Design

The futuristic and dynamic external design of the Vande Bharat Express conveys the train’s high speed and contemporary allure. Aerodynamics and a modern appeal work together to boost performance and make it look good.

  1. Enhanced safety features 

The train has state-of-the-art safety measures, including smoke detectors, emergency brakes, and fire-retardant materials, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Steps to Book Ticket

Follow the steps below to learn how to book Vande Bharat train ticket online. 

  • Start by navigating to the IRCTC app or website. You may buy Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) train tickets on their official website. Visit  or download the IRCTC Rail Connect app to purchase your Vande Bharat Express tickets.
  • The IRCTC website or app requires new users to register by providing basic information such as their name, email address, and phone number. If you have already registered, there is no need to sign in again. Give your username and password.
  • In the next step, by logging in, you will be able to fill in the form with information regarding your journey, such as arrival and departure stations, the date of travel, and the class of the train (executive or chair car).
  • Make sure you got everything right as far as your travel dates and the cost of booking the trip is concerned.
  • The next step is to fill in the passenger information. Going forward, please fill in the details of the passenger, mentioning their gender, age and any other relevant information. 
  • Proceed to the checkout page to finish your reservation. IRCTC accepts different modes of payment. Some include UPI, online banking, e-wallets, and major credit cards. Follow the screen instructions to ensure a secure payment.
  • This way, you will receive a confirmation message with all the information about your booking, including the PNR, at the time of payment confirmation. Your ticket details can also be seen through the IRCTC app and website.

Tips for Booking Ticket

Sometimes, it is very hard to get a seat on the Vande Bharat Express in advance because of its great reputation and huge demand. Nevertheless, with proper preparations on how to book Vande Bharat train ticket and some useful tips, your chances of having a confirmed ticket will be relatively high: 

  • Make sure that you get your tickets as soon as possible since the Vande Bharat Express tends to sell out fast, especially during peak travel periods like holidays. Advance planning before your trip can help you get ticket confirmation.
  • Note ticket availability as the booking process begins. Several months before the scheduled departure, passengers may begin to buy their seats on the Vande Bharat Express. As soon as the booking window begins, check the IRCTC website or app to get a head start on securing a confirmed ticket.
  • If you can be flexible with your departure and arrival dates, you may want to consider searching for tickets on other days. You could be pleasantly pleased to find more availability and lower prices on weekdays or off-peak travel days.
  • Vande Bharat Express Tatkal tickets may be hard to come by, but it’s still worth watching for last-minute cancellations or additional seats released under the Tatkal quota.
  • During peak booking hours, the IRCTC website may have slow response times and other problems as a result of excessive traffic. Search for more available seats on several devices or browsers simultaneously.

List of Vande Bharat Train tickets 

As of March 2024, 51 Vande Bharat trains are in service: 

Train name Number 
New Delhi–Varanasi22436/22435
New Delhi–SMVD Katra22439/22440
Mumbai Central–Gandhinagar Capital20901/20902
New Delhi–Amb Andaura22447/22448
MGR Chennai Central–Mysuru20607/20608
Howrah–New Jalpaiguri22301/22302
Mumbai CSMT–Solapur22225/22226
Mumbai CSMT–Sainagar Shirdi22223/22224
Rani Kamalapati (Habibganj)–Hazrat Nizamuddin20171/20172
MGR Chennai Central–Coimbatore20643/20644
Kasaragod–Thiruvananthapuram (via Kottayam)20633/20634
Dehradun–Anand Vihar Terminal22458/22457
New Jalpaiguri–Guwahati22227/22228
Mumbai CSMT–Madgaon22229/22230
KSR Bengaluru–Dharwad20661/20662
Rani Kamalapati (Habibganj)–Rewa20173/20174
Jodhpur–Sabarmati (Ahmedabad)12461/12462
Gorakhpur–Lucknow Charbagh22549/22550
Udaipur City–Jaipur20979/20980
MGR Chennai Central–Vijayawada20677/20678
Chennai Egmore–Tirunelveli20665/20666
Kasaragod–Thiruvananthapuram (via Alappuzha)20631/20632
Varanasi–New Delhi22415/22416
Anand Vihar Terminal–Ayodhya Cantonment22426/22425
SMVD Katra–New Delhi22478/22477
Amritsar–Delhi Junction22488/22487
Coimbatore–Bengaluru Cantonment20642/20641
Mangaluru Central–Madgaon20646/20645
Jalna–Mumbai CSMT20705/20706
Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)–SMVT Bengaluru22231/22232
New Jalpaiguri–Patna22233/22234
Ahmedabad–Mumbai Central22962/22961
Mysuru Junction–MGR Chennai Central20663/20664
Hazrat Nizamuddin–Khajuraho22470/22469
Patna–Gomti Nagar (Lucknow)22345/22346


The best semi-high-speed train service in India, the Vande Bharat Express, may have its tickets purchased easily via the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) website or mobile app. If you follow the steps above, buying tickets for the Vande Bharat Express—a quick, comfortable, and opulent way to travel throughout India could not be simpler. 


When do Vande Bharat Express tickets become available for booking?

The best time to book train ticket is about three months before the date of your scheduled departure on Vande Bharat Express. Remember to check the train travel booking site or app online to find out if there are tickets available for the dates you desire for your journey.

What are the different classes of travel available on Vande Bharat Express?

Vande Bharat Express offers two service levels: Executive Class and Chair Car. Chair Car may be the right choice for budget-minded clients, but Executive Class is the better option for clients who want to pay more for more space and more features.

Can you book Vande Bharat Express tickets through third-party websites or travel agents? 

Vande Bharat Express passengers must use their mobile phone’s IRCTC Rail Connect app or the main IRCTC website to book a ticket ( 

What kind of identification is needed to buy tickets for the Vande Bharat Express? Those who want to buy tickets for the Vande Bharat Express must possess a valid IRCTC account. Name, age, gender, and contact information are some of the personal data that customers may request when they make a reservation.

Are there any special concessions available to book Vande Bharat Express tickets?

Discounts may be available to specific demographics, such as students, the elderly, and those with impairments. In order to get the benefits, those eligible for discounts must provide valid identification when they make their reservation.

Can I cancel or modify Vande Bharat Express tickets after booking?

Call customer care at 1860 233 1407. They will guide you through the process, as one cannot cancel the tickets without customer care approval/help.

How can I collect my Vande Bharat Express ticket after booking?

After a successful booking, Vande Bharat Express passengers may choose between electronic and physical ticket formats. Your electronic tickets are available for download and printing, or you may store them digitally on your phone and scan them whenever you want.