Best Apps to Check Train Running Status

The significance of train running status is critical without exaggeration; it doesn’t matter if you are an occasional traveller or a regular commuter. Checking train running status can prevent you from unwarranted delays & annoyance. Fortunately, the technological advancements taking place in every field have made the task of tracking train running status easier. Apps to check train running status are a marvel of modern technology. However, countless such apps claim to be the “best app for train running status,” making it difficult for users to choose the most reliable one.

There are various factors including accuracy of the information, ease of use, additional features, and user reviews that help in discovering whether it is the best app to check train running status or not. We have created a list of some of the best sites to check train running status to help you make an informed decision but before that let’s find out whether there is a need to check the train running status or not.

Why do you need to check the Train Running Status? 

Keeping track of train running status is important to make sure that the travel experience is hassle-free helping passengers plan their journey efficiently.

  1. Effective travel planning: Real-time updates of train timetables, arrivals, and departures are vital for passengers to plan their journeys efficiently, minimize waiting times and optimize travel times.
  2. Harmonious transitions for connecting journeys: Monitoring train running status holds great importance for passengers with connecting trains, as it enables uninterrupted transitions & avoids the discomfort of missed connections.
  3. Reduced tension & stress: No one likes to reach the station in a hurry, only to find out that their train has been delayed or worse- cancelled. Provision of timely information related to delays or cancellations with the help of the train running status check feature removes uncertainty & reduces anxiety, leading to a stress-free journey.
  4. Helps to optimize your travel plans: By checking the train operation status, passengers can choose alternative routes or transportation modes when necessary to optimize travel plans and improve overall travel efficiency.

To sum up, checking train operating status is crucial to ensure a comfortable, safe and efficient travel experience and provides valuable information for passengers to effectively plan their itinerary and make informed decisions.

Best Apps to Check Train Running Status

  1. National Train Enquiry System(NTES)

NTES managed to distinguish itself and make it to the top as one of the best apps for train running status owing to its official accredited affiliation with Indian Railways & its comprehensive features. Established in 2010, NTES brings real-time information on train schedules, arrivals, departures & cancellations. The provision of a GPS-driven tracking system enables users to obtain accurate train running status, along with notifications for delays & platform changes, keeping travellers informed. On the other hand, NTES, at times, can be intimidating for new users due to its comprehensive data & interface.

2. IRCTC Rail Connect

Innovated by IRCTC & launched in 2017, Rail Connect has earned a spot on the list for all the right reasons. It’s integrated services & easy interface makes it one of the best apps for checking the train running status.

Apart from extending ticket booking services, IRCTC Rail Connect provides authentic & reliable train running status updates. Passengers receive notifications related to delays, cancellations & other disruptions, in case there are any, making it a trustworthy option for them. The app’s limitations lie in its on-and-off server issues, particularly during peak hours, compromising real-time data access. 

3. Railofy

Railofy marked its presence in 2018. It is well known for its original perspective on train travel and is slowly gaining traction among users. Railofy not only offers real-time train tracking & PNR status checks but also anticipates seat availability, making it an indispensable tool for planning journeys. Railofy’s downside includes intermittent glitches, particularly in the prediction algorithms, which result in inaccurate seat-availability predictions.

4. Ixigo

Ixigo is a versatile travel app which was established in 2008. The app deserves a spot in this list owing to its all-inclusive coverage of train travel services. Along with train running status updates, Ixigo also offers the service for PNR status checks & seat availability information. Passengers have the option to enable notifications for explicit trains, making sure they stay informed when it comes to any changes or delays. However, Ixigo’s disadvantage is the occasional lag in sharing immediate data, which impacts accuracy.

5. RailYatri

RailYatri is an all-inclusive travel app that came into existence in 2011 and makes an impression for its real-time train tracking & platform information. It provides the latest information on delays, cancellations and disruptions and helps users plan their trips efficiently. Features such as bus location predictions and food ordering services improve the travel experience. However, the drawback of RailYatri is the occasional server failure that affects data retrieval at critical moments.

6. Where is my train

Known for its simplicity, Where’s My Train was launched in 2014. It provides real-time train tracking and train running status updates. Users can track the exact location of a train and receive notifications about estimated arrival time and platform details. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, although it lacks some advanced features offered by other apps on this list, such as Checking seat availability.


On the whole, the abovementioned apps have significantly changed the way travellers keep themselves posted about train running statuses, offering ease and effectiveness in managing journeys. Even after their pros & cons, every app offers distinct attributes catering to the preferences of distinct users in the arena of train travel.

Ultimately, keeping up-to-date with train running statuses is imperative for an uncomplicated travel experience. The list of some of the best apps to check the train running shared by us provides a wide range of features to help you track your train, get prompt updates & map out your journey effectively. 

Whether you prefer the official NTES app or opt for a third-party app like Railofy, Ixigo, RailYatri or Where is My Train, the key is to choose a reliable source of information that will keep you updated in real-time. These apps will help you navigate the complexities of train travel safely and conveniently.


  1. Why is it important to check the train running status?

Checking train running status ensures effective travel planning, harmonious connections for connecting journeys, reduced stress, and optimized travel plans.

  1. What factors should you consider when choosing a train-running status app?

Passengers should consider factors like accuracy of information, ease of use, additional features, and user reviews when choosing a train running status app.

  1. What are some common features offered by the best train-running status apps?

The best train-running status apps offer real-time updates, notifications for delays and cancellations, PNR status checks, and seat availability information.

  1. How do train running status apps contribute to a hassle-free travel experience?

Train running status apps provide timely information, reduce uncertainty, and help passengers plan their journeys effectively, contributing to a hassle-free travel experience.