Indian Railways Launches Anubhuti Coach for More Comfortable Journey

Indian Railways significantly changes the train coaches, seats, and outlooks to enhance passenger comfort. It is one of the dynamic departments of the Indian government that keeps reinventing train coaches to provide passengers with luxurious experiences. One of the renowned steps to recreate the train journey is launching the Anubhuti coach train in 2017. 

Anubhuti coach was introduced as a luxury coach that is added to premium trains of IR like Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Tejas, etc. that can provide travelers with first-class comfort and convenience experiences. This modern coach is installed in some Indian trains with many different amenities. The theme was similar to a flight traveling experience. The coach has an executive chair car outlook similar to Shatabdi trains with better facilities and luxuries. 

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anubhuti indian train

Different Amenities Passengers Enjoy Under Anubhuti Coach 

The coach is designed in a way to share the air traveling experiences, to match the level of comfort Indian railways attach many amenities. It brings personalized service for travelers with modern equipment & luxurious comforts. 

Anubhuti Coach features different facilities, such as comfortable cushiony seats, modular toilets, sliding doors, reading lights for individual seats, GPS tracking, and high-speed traveling experiences. 

  • Relaxing Seats: Anubhuti coaches are well-equipped chair car setups with a capacity of 56 seats. Unlike other chair car experiences, these coaches level up the normal experiences by offering extra legroom and wider reclining seats. 
  • Cooling of Air Conditioners: The first & foremost part of comfort starts with the in-built state-of-the-art air conditioning coach. It brings the coach’s cooler temperature, providing essential comfort during hot weather. 
  • Entertainment: Anubhuti Coaches has a wide LED screen and headphones for every passenger’s chair seat. They can enjoy watching their favorite movies, series, and shows and entertain themselves throughout the train journey. 
  • Personalized Service: As the coach attempts to bring air traveling comfort, it introduces the facility of an attendant call button on the passenger’s seat to ask for rail services. Airplanes also have these same buttons to call air hostesses for any requirements.
  • Pantry Services for Food: Anubhuti coach made a different section dedicated to pantry service, offering a variety of snacks and beverages. So passengers don’t have to walk outside to search for their favorite snacks.
  • Reading Lights: Book lovers can enjoy their favorite novels & books under the reading light. Apart from reading, people can work using overhead lights without disturbing other passengers. 
  • Privacy: The coach provides passengers with curtains on the windows for their comfort and privacy. 
  • Charging ports: Nowadays, people are surrounded by electronic devices; they require charging ports for their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. 
  • Hygienic Toilets: Anubhuti’s coach has hygienic parameters maintained inside the washrooms, hand-free taps & regular cleaning make it convenient for travelers. Also, environment-friendly toilets effectively contributed to India’s Swachh Bharat initiatives. 
  • Automatic Doors: Anubhuti coach features automatic door sliding doors for a luxury outlook and convenience for passengers. The step also ensures the safety of passengers. 
  • Information Board: Inside the Anubhuti coach, passengers will find display boards featuring information on both sides. It helps people get the next station’s details, timings, delays, and final stoppage.

Where Can I Find Anubhuti Coaches?

Until now, limited trains offer Anubhuti coaches (EA) like a premium train of Indian Railways – Shatabdi Express. The traveling routes are:-

  • New Delhi to Lucknow

Following this route, you can travel through Lucknow Junction Swarn Shatabdi Express, 12004. It brings business class travel experiences to passengers. The train covers a distance of 512 Km, starting from 6:10 AM from Delhi & ends the journey at Lucknow junction. The estimated fare of Anubhuti class of the New Delhi to Lucknow express is around 2270/-; prices are subject to changes according to Indian Railways rules.

  • Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad

Another route for the Anubhuti coach is Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express, 12010. The distance covered by the train is 492 Km. The starting point is the Ahmedabad station at 3:10 PM and the destination station at Mumbai Central at 9:45 PM. Also, the fare of Ahmedabad Shatabdi for Anubhuti Coach is Rs. 2350/-; this fare per passenger may change according to new rules & updates of IRCTC.

  • Amritsar to New Delhi

The popular train to travel through the route of Amritsar to New Delhi is Amritsar Shatabdi Express, 12013. If you want to visit Punjab, this train travels through different stoppages: Punjab – Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Beas. The price may range around Rs. 2205/- for the Anubhuti Class from New Delhi to Amritsar. Fares are subject to changes.

Special Things About Anubhuti Coaches:

  • The eye-catching exteriors of Anubhuti Coach provide a royal look & artistic touch. 
  • It maintains the vibrant blue color of the Shatabdi trains and also features its anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping. 
  • The seating arrangement is configured to distribute 56 seats in the 2 + 2 settings. LED light fitted across seats to save power & energy. 
  • Between the seats, middle LCD entertainment screens provide for eight passengers – 4 on each side. 
  • Snack tables provide comfortable table chair eating experiences and can be folded back once passengers finish lunch or dinner. It helps in maintaining hygiene & no litter thrown inside the coaches. 
  • Luggage racks are too spacious, and the surface is coated with anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping making it scratch-free. 

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