Beat the Heat: Tips for Staying Cool on Your Train Journey

Summer is here, and heat waves have become fatal in the past few days. The temperature is soaring, and we cannot resist the temptation of traveling to areas where we can leave hot weather past us. Whether you wish to go out on a trip to hilly areas or have to reach a destination urgently, you must follow the best hacks to keep yourself cool on your train travel. 

Railofy, an IRCTC premium partner, provides top-notch services and facilities to ensure you have a safe & comfortable journey. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues in a heat wave to get your train ticket. Book the train ticket at your pace, check your PNR status, and much more with us. You may not need to worry about carrying chilled water, as we offer catering on trains to help you beat the summer heat. Order chilled beverages, like lemonade, and feel all charged up for the coming adventures during your journey. 

Top Hacks to Survive Heat in Trains

Train travel can be exciting and convenient for exploring new places, but it can be uncomfortable during the hot summer. Whether you are commuting to work or embarking on a long trip, heat waves may ruin all the fun. 

Fortunately, we, at Railofy, have come up with the best tips to help you have all the fun during your train journey in the summer. With our effective tips, you can beat the heat and stay cool during your train ride. Even during the hottest days of summer, you can have immense joy. You may have a glance at the best ways possible to avoid heat waves in trains.

  1. Stay Hydrated

You may not wish to get sunstroke or have such problems during your train travel. Thus, you should stay hydrated throughout the train travel time. During summer, excessive sweating and absorption of bodily fluids may make you dehydrated. Thus, it is essential to maintain the balance of proper proportions of body fluid. 

It might take a couple of hours to reach your destination. Thus, it is advisable to have chilled water and beverages, such as lemon soda, shakes like chocolate, and juices. 

  1. Travel With Style: Loose Outfits

Avoid wearing tight-fitted clothes for a safe and comfortable train journey. If you do so, you may feel hotter. Also, you can avoid wearing certain fabric clothes, such as wool and polyester. Instead, you can go for an oversized cotton or linen tee with a pair of joggers or lowers to feel relaxed. Do not forget to carry your favorite deodorant to stay cool and smell good. 

  1. Opt for Flexible Train Choices

During summer, you may not wish to interchange trains to reach your destination. Thus, you can book a train ticket with a route that is more convenient and suitable for you. You can minimize the traveling hours or opt for the night train route to avoid the scorching heat of the day.

You can book AC tickets to beat the heat and have fun during the journey. 

We, at Railofy, provide you with flexible options to book train tickets effortlessly. With our Instant Recommendations feature, you can get to know different routes from the origin station to your desired destination point. 

  1. Avoid Window Seats

Many people like to have window seats during a train journey to see the scenic view. However, if you are traveling in the summer, you may have to avoid window seats. You may feel the heat of the sun coming from the window, which can cause you a severe headache.  

  1. Snack on Treats

If you are on a train trip with your partner, friends, family, or solo, you can order IRCTC online food with immense pleasure. Order mouth-watering food and beverages such as burgers, biryani, momos, noodles, Manchurian, fried rice, iced tea, fountain Pepsi, and much more. If you are in the mood to have exotic desserts, you can have pastries, rasgulla, etc.

With Railofy, you can bulk order at affordable prices for your whole family or friends and make your trip memorable. 

Stay Refreshed During Train Travel With Railofy!

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