Order Food from Your Favorite Brands While Travelling on Train

Traveling by train & missing out on your favorite food will not spoil your mood anymore. Railofy, a premium partner of IRCTC, introduces an easy solution to order your favorite IRCTC online food from leading brands like Bikanervala, Haldirams, and Moti Mahal Group. Our platform takes orders online through the app & gets the food delivered to your train seat. 

Most passengers do not prefer to eat outside food due to unhygienic & rough quality concerns. Sometimes people carry home-cooked items, but the food becomes stale after long hours. So, ordering food online through Railofy will bring the best catering on the train.

You can order tasty & clean food on the train with Railofy’s e-catering service through the following simple steps:-

  • Visit the eCatering site and look for the order food online option.
  • You will get the option of ‘Enter PNR to order’; fill in your 10-digit PNR number to proceed with the order.
  • The next step is to choose the station where you want to receive the food.
  • Once you select the desired station, you will get the list of restaurants. Choose the option ‘Hotplate by Railofy.’
  • Look for your favorite brand, and pick food items from the menu once you are done with the selection. Click on the checkout button.
  • Enter the basic details and alternate mobile number, then select the schedule button.
  • At last, you will get three options for payment as Cash on Delivery, UPI, and cash on delivery.
  • Wait for your food; you will get your ordered food to your train berth.

Benefits of Ordering Food Online in Train

High Quality: No one wants to get ill on their train journey, and the consumption of unhygienic & oily food can damage the health of passengers. With Railofy, travelers do not have to compromise on the quality aspects; they can easily pick their favorite brands from the list & get premium quality food.

Customize Your Meal Choice: Every person has their own food choices & preferences. Railofy provides different varieties to order, such as veg, non-veg & Jain thali, and Chinese combos; we can even order sweet items of Haldirams. We get options in cuisines like North Indian, south Indian, Bengali & Gujarati cuisines. Also, passengers can order their favorite hot & cold beverages. Companies use premium-quality packaging to keep food & beverages fresh.

Get Refunds: In case the food doesn’t get delivered to passengers on time, they will get full refunds; if payment has already been made. It makes Railofy a reliable option to order food online as there is a guarantee of refunds.

Best Delivery Services: Our delivery service is the best in India. All the delivery partners maintain the coldness & hotness of the packed food. Also, passengers will get the food on their train seats and don’t have to come outside to take food. There will be no chance of missing the train due to food.

Simple & Easy Interface: Railofy app is too convenient to use. Any tech & non-tech-friendly people can order food online through simple steps. The process is specified in detail, along with a guide to order, and passengers will not have any difficulty ordering food online.

Customer Support Services: In case passengers find any problem with their order, they can contact customer support to clarify their doubts. We are available 24 hours a day to cater to passengers in need.

Different Ways to Order

Use Website: Passengers can easily place their order by visiting the Railofy website. The steps are too easy; you just have to enter your station or PNR of the train number to get the nearby restaurant options.

Use Railofy App: The app can easily place your order to provide you with catering on trains. The Railofy app is the best option for IRCTC online food ordering with a simple user interface. We can compare different discounts on the pricing of favorite brands.

Call to Order: Railofy provides the option to order through a call for a bulk order of more than 15 people and call us at +91 9910424299 for online food orders.

Refunds & Food Cancellations Process

People might be confused with the process if the ordered food wasn’t delivered due to train delays or other unforeseen circumstances. They don’t have to worry about money, as Railofy provides full refunds in such a scenario. Passengers will get a refund for any previously paid amount while placing an order.

In some cases, passengers may want to cancel their order due to a sudden change of plans or other reasons. Railofy provides a hassle-free cancellation process; after placing an order, you can simply cancel it using the order status page. Another option for canceling is via WhatsApp, as the passenger gets an alert on Whatsapp once their order gets placed. So, passengers can message to cancel the order.

Pick Your Favorite Popular Brands!

With Railofy, we can enjoy the best meal option on trains that are well cleaned & packed before delivery. Some of the popular brands in India to order online are Haldirams, Moti Mahal Group, Bikanervala, Domino’s, KFC & McDonalds. Passengers can choose from different options: budget meals, veg biryani & thali, main course, Indian specialties, roti & bread, Chinese combo platters, and paratha. You can also order beverages, salads, curd, and other accompanied options. If you are craving pizza or a burger, we can get it delivered to your train seat top brands.¬†Railofy makes IRCTC online food ordering a simple & fast app; we can easily order food on the train anytime. Our platform officially partnered with IRCTC for catering on trains with branded food items.