Confirm Train Ticket Using Travel Guarantee

Confirm Train Ticket using Railofy’s Travel Guarantee Feature. It is India’s first protection against Waitlist and RAC tickets. Get cashbacks upto ₹3000 in your bank account if your ticket doesn’t get confirmed.

Here’s a video to help you understand better!

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to book Confirmed Train Tickets using Travel Guarantee

  1. Step One : Download Railofy App

    For high chances of confirmation of train tickets : download Railofy App. Its available on both playstore and app store.

  2. Step Two : Book Train Tickets

    Go to book train tickets and then fill in the details like source, destination and more.

  3. Step Three : Travel Gaunrantee

    Now filter the available train list with Travel Guarantee option by sliding on the bottom right option of the app.Travel Guarantee, Railogy TG, Confirm Train Tickets

  4. Step Four : Complete your booking

    Your results are now filtered with Confirm Travel Guarantee! Select the train of your choice and complete the booking.

  • Visit the Railofy website or get the app. 
  • Choose Purchase Train Tickets.
  • Indicate your final destination. including flight class, departure date, and others
  • Choose your preferred Indian Railway train now based on the information. 
  • You can choose the finest alternative with the greatest likelihood of confirmation with the help of Railofy’s intelligent recommendation tool.
  • Enter the passenger information, including any preferences for berths, children, or senior citizens.
  • Use your IRCTC User ID and Password to log in. The data is then saved on the app. If you don’t already have one, you can easily make one. Creating an IRCTC User ID.
  • Complete your payment right away to reserve your seats. Alternatively, you can choose Railofy’s Travel Guarantee to receive insurance against WL and RAC.
  • You will be routed to the IRCTC Website once you have completed the Reservation procedure using your IRCTC login information.
  • Once your reservation has been made successfully, check your PNR status on your phone and WhatsApp.

Benefits of Booking tickets through Railofy-

  • Simple, quick, and secure
  • Travel Guarantee, Free Cancellation, Smart Recommendations, and Instant Refunds for -IRCTC Train Ticket Booking
  • In-train food ordering
  • For as little at Rs 199, you can order meals from renowned restaurants like Haldiram’s, -Bikanervala, and Hotplate Express.
  • Get train alerts on WhatsApp, including PNR status

IRCTC Confirmed Train Ticket FAQs-

1) How can one purchase tickets on the Railofy App?

Using your IRCTC User Login ID, you may easily purchase tickets. You can book tickets more quickly on Railofy because you don’t constantly have to fill in your user ID information.

2) What is a special feature about the Railofy app that makes our booking confirmed?

 Railofy guarantees your trip and safeguards WL and RAC tickets. Moreover, Railofy provides upto Rs. 3000 cash back if your ticket does not get confirmed.

3) Can I get updates on WhatsApp about my PNR status?

Yes, Railofy provides details about train alerts and PNR status on WhatsApp. You can also Check PNR Status online.

PNR, PNR Status., IRCTC Ticket Booking

4) Can one book tickets using a mobile phone?

Yes, you can use Railofy to purchase tickets online. As an alternative, you can get the Railofy app. Mobile applications are quicker than websites when it comes to making reservations for tickets

5) IRCTC User ID creation – how can I do it?

To purchase and cancel rail tickets, an IRCTC user ID is necessary. Passengers must go to the IRCTC website and follow the instructions to create an IRCTC user ID.
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6) How can one order fresh food on the train using the Railofy App?

Order Delicious Food in Trains in Simple Steps

Step 1 : Choose your delivery station
Step 2 : Select your preferred restaurant
Step 3 : Pay online, or have cash and get it delivered to your seat
Visit Railofy Hotplate : Order Food In Train for more details