Unknown IRCTC Railways Facts

Indian Railways is one of the most important aspects of India. The Indian Railways along with a wide variety of trains provides many jobs to its employees and also generates huge revenue for the country as a whole. Unlike other public transport systems all over the world, Indian Railways is extremely popular among Indians. Understanding the facts about the Indian railways is one of the ways to learn more about this great country.

Hence, we have compiled some interesting facts that will surely interest you:

1) The Indian Railways has its own mascot 

The Shubhankar is a very popular elephant-inspired mascot of Indian Railways. It was created in 2002 by the National Institute of Design, and officially accepted by railways in 2003 as its mascot.

Indian Railways Mascot, Bholu, Mascot Bholu, IRCTC Mascot , Unknown IRCTC Railway Facts
Indian Railways Mascot Bholu

The Shubhankar is an artistic representation of a cheerful, ethical, responsible elephant that has been dressed up as a railway guard.

2)The Indian Railways is the world’s fourth-largest rail network

The Indian Railways is the world’s fourth-largest rail network which is followed by the United States, China, and Russia. As of now, it has over 45 thousand kilometres of the electrified rail network. Besides that, the railway is also one of the most significant rail routes globally, operated by a single government.

3)Touch of History

Indian Railways have 34 operational and 3 under construction Rail Museums, Heritage Gallery, Art Gallery and Heritage Park in different cities of India. These sites preserve and promote rail tourism. The Delhi Rail Museum is the first railway museum in India, also known as the National rail museum of India.

4)Same Location, 2 Different Stations

It’s hard to believe there are two railway stations at the exact same spot, but it’s true! In Ahmednagar, Srirampur and Belapur stations are located on opposite sides of the tracks—but they’re just one station apart.

5)Mathura Station has maximum number of routes

Mathura Junction railway station, MTJ is one of the key railway stations in India because it connects to several cities, allowing for easy expansion.

Mathura Junction, Indian Railways, IRCTC, Train Tickets , Unknown IRCTC Railway Fcats
Mathura Junction

The station has seven main lines, so it’s possible to get from one end of the station to the other without ever having to leave it.

It is rightly said that Railways is the lifeline of India. It connects people from North to South, East to West and fulfils their dreams. It is so much more to the common man than just a mode of transport between two stations, it is their lifeline, culture and heritage.

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Unknown IRCTC Railway Facts FAQs

1) What percentage of Indian Railways revenue is spent in operating it?

94% of the Indian railways earning is spent in operating it.

2) What is the World’s highest railway bridge?

 India’s highest rail arch bridge is being constructed over the Chenab river, at an elevation of 1178 feet. The bridge will connect the Bakkal and Kauri in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir.

3) What is India’s Longest Train Tunnel?

 The longest rail tunnel in India is located in the middle Himalayas of Jammu Kashmir, and is 11.25 kilometres long. The tunnel was built as part of the Jammu-Baramulla railway line.

4) Which is the Busiest Railway Station?

 Howrah Junction is the busiest railway station.

5) When was Indian Railways nationalised?

Indian Railways was nationalised in 1951.