How to order food from Haldirams in Train

rdering food on train is now easier than ever before. You can get better quality food online than an average IRCTC food order. “How to order food in train” is a question that comes to many minds while traveling. The reasons for that could be different for different people. Some are not happy with the food quality in train. Many dislike the taste. Few find the limited menu unappealing. Therefore, to solve all your train food related problems, Railofy has partnered with Haldirams. Haldirams is one of the best food companies in India. It offers several finger licking options and Railofy delivers them straight to your berth.
Haldirams has the following delicacies waiting for your food order in train.

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How to order food from Haldirams in Train

Order Haldirams Special Thali in Train:

It is an assortment of Mix veg, Paneer Butter masala, Dal Makhani, Plain Paratha, Jeera Rice, Boondi Raita, Salad, Pickle Churi Papad and Rasgulla to make your train journey memorable and your hunger disappear. It is an assortment no IRCTC food order can compete with.

Order Haldirams Paneer Butter Masala meal in Train:

Paneer butter masala is one of the best food delivery in train. Made with love this meal comes with 2 Tawa Paranthas. Therefore, making it one of if not the best choice for a quick meal.

Order Haldirams Mumbai Butter Pav Bhaji in Train:

Ever thought IRCTC e-Catering will get you Pav Bhaji? Neither did we, but it is possible. Haldirams has Mumbai Butter Paav bhaji on its menu. And Railofy delivers your food order in train straight to your berth. So, why not have a paav bhaji as you enjoy the view outside while traveling in the train?

Order Paneer tikka grilled sandwich in Train:

Getting Indian Railways food can feel messy sometimes. The ever moving journey makes it difficult to eat regular food. Therefore, Haldirams Paneer tikka grilled sandwich can be your best option. It’s filled with the greatness of Indian Paneer tikka. A fulfilling and delicious meal for your train journey. And not to mention, you won’t get messy trying to eat it. Even if the train is running at 100 kilometres per hour.

There are many more options to choose from. Dahi papdi chat, Paneer tikka kathi roll, sambhar Vada and more delicacies. Chole rice, Rajma Rice, steam rice for your rice lovers. Dosa and Sambhar for you south Indian food lovers. Many choices to pick from. Order now!