Check Live Train Running Status

Live Train Running Status helps you find out the arrival and departure times of your train at your boarding railway station. It also keeps you updated on real-time delays, boarding stations, and more. This feature is created by Indian Railways. Live Train Status is the fastest way to locate your train. This creation by IRCTC has made the lives of train travelers hassle-free.

 Important Information and Updates on Live Train Running Status

  • The boarding platform numbers at each railway station
  • Time of Departure and Arrival
  • Real-Time Delay updates
  • The total distance (in km) to be covered by the train (origin to destination)
  • Distance (in km) between the scheduled halts
  • All intermediate stations that will be crossed without any halts/stops

Checking Indian Railways Train Running Status –

To check your Indian Railways Live Train Running Status, you need to enter the 5-digit train number. You can also type in the name of the train. After that, you have to pick the journey date and source station. You can check Running Status using Where is My Train.


1) Is Live Train Running Status and PNR status the same?

No, live train running status and PNR status are two different features of Indian Railways.
The Live Running Train Status is a tool created by IRCTC to help train travelers track and locate the live location of the train. Whereas, PNR status helps travelers know the current status of their train ticket ( Confirmed/RAC or WL)

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2) What date should I enter when checking the Live Train Status?

The date that needs to be entered is the date the train left the origin station and not the date the train will reach your boarding station. For example, if the train you are traveling in reaches you after 5 days from its departure at the source station, then the date you must type in should be the date it departed the source station.

3) Is Live Status Reliable?

The Train Live running status is reliable and gives you correct real-time updates and information. Indian Railways have installed a GPS-aided device on the locomotive that pushes and pulls the train. Thus, whenever the locomotive leaves its source station, the device starts collecting data on the speed of the train, upcoming stations, and delays.

4) What is the Rail Enquiry number available?

Indian Railways have set up an integrated helpline called Rail Madad for its passengers. You can dial 139 for Railway inquiries from any part of the country.

5) How to check whether the trains are running or not?

The most reliable way to check whether trains are running or not is via the official website of NTES. NTES stands for National Train Enquiry System. You can also check train in between stations.

6) How to check Train Seat Availability?

Train Seat Availability helps passengers get information about the train seats available. To know more about Train Seat Availability click here)