tatkal ticket booking

Tatkal Ticket Booking IRCTC


IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking enables travelers to make last-minute reservations for tickets. Customers may use this to purchase tickets up to one day before the scheduled departure. The Tatkal Scheme of Indian Railways enables people to travel immediately or at short notice


Timings for Booking Tatkal Train Tickets


The ticket ordering window for the AC class opens at 10:00 AM. Train tickets for AC 1 Tier (1A), AC 2 Tier(2A), AC Tier(3A), Chair Car Coach(CC), Executive Chair(EC), and AC-3 Economy are included in this (3E). The ticket ordering window for non-AC classes opens at 11:10. Train tickets for sleeper (SL), first class (FC), and second seating are included in this (2S). The times for online and offline tatkal booking are the same. One day before the day of travel, Tatkal Tickets are purchased.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking: Indian Railways have a special type of tickets called Tatkal Tickets for last minute bookings.These tickets are issued by IRCTC one day prior to your train departure. Tatkal tickets are reserved tickets which can be booked a day in advance of your journey for a premium price than the regular tickets. IRCTC makes Tatkal tickets available under Tatkal Quota. The price of a tatkal ticket is the fare price of the journey + tatkal charges. However, it...

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