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How to Order Food in the Shatabdi Express Train

Shatabdi Express trains are acclaimed for their elite features which have been a contributing factor in transforming the travel experience in India. A key standout aspect of Shatabdi Express is its entirely air-conditioned interiors, guaranteeing a pleasant journey irrespective of the weather outside. The seats are designed in a way that maximizes comfort by giving abundant legroom & support while you are on longer journeys. Shatabdi Express is also equipped with modern amenities like fibreglass modular toilets which facilitate hygiene and on top of that offers a fusion of Indian & Western styles for a better look & feel.

Shatabdi Express has contributed greatly towards the progress of Indian Railways because it offers multiple advantages. However, the challenge of quality food & variety of food options persists.

To find a solution to this matter, we introduced Railofy which enables you to order food which is off the Shatabdi Express food menu. Taking advantage of advanced technology, passengers can now order food from top-notch restaurants like Haldirams, Dominos, etc and multiple cuisines like North Indian, South India, Continental etc. This venture not only modifies the culinary experience but also coincides with the Shatabdi’s commitment to comfort & satisfaction towards their passengers 

Why choose the Shatabdi Express Train?

  1. Revolutionary Reception Design

Automatic sliding doors and a mobile footstep that extends when it arrives so that people do not have to make difficult moves while getting on the train are some of the features that set T-18 apart from others during boarding.

  1.  Spacy Comfortable Design

Having 16 coaches with a capacity of carrying over 1,100 passengers in executive class and non-executive class chair cars as well; which all are fully air-conditioned with enough leg space for each traveller, makes T-18 a comfortable journey.

  1. Fast And Efficient Speeds

With speeds of up to 160 km/h (99.42 mph), this train can save 15% time taken when compared with Shatabdi Express trains because it uses regenerative braking among other things for power conservation.

  1. Safety Enhanced Monitoring Systems

Every compartment has CCTV cameras fitted on them thus ensuring safety within the train through proper operation of doors which will open only at stoppages and close before departure.

  1. Facilities At Par With The Times

Modern amenities like a GPS-based information system for passengers’ convenience, PWD-friendly provisions such as ramps etc., and infotainment systems with Wi-Fi connectivity throughout its zero discharge bio-vacuum toilets are what make travelling in T-18 an experience worth remembering.

  1. Smart Climate Control

Intelligent climate control adjusts air conditioning according to occupancy levels and outside temperatures thereby saving energy while keeping people comfortable inside this train.

  1. High Speed and Efficiency

T-18 runs up to a speed of 160 kmph which is 15% faster than Shatabdi Express trains and incorporates modern technology such as regenerative braking for energy conservation.

Shatabdi Express Food Options

For different categories such as 1A/EC, 2AC/3AC/CC Shatabdi Express serves Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Evening Tea at separate rates. Passengers may choose from regular meals, biryani or snack meals with local flavours including tea, coffee and packaged drinking water among other drinks. In addition, there are options for special diets such as diabetic food / Jain food/baby food which can be availed of during the journey period itself through pantry cars attached to each train set or train side vending machines installed on some select trains running between major cities like New Delhi-Chennai etc. These items also have static units at en route stations where they are sold over the counter and e-catering services at major stations. Customers can pre-book their meal requirements using IRCTC’s e-catering facility or contact the coach attendant for ordering or through SMS/app/toll-free numbers provided by IRCTC for this purpose. For a customer-centric approach to catering service on board Shatabdi express trains complaints/suggestions may be lodged through various channels like helpline numbers available onboard trains etc.

How to order food in Shatabdi Express using Railofy?

Passengers can place their Shatabdi Express food orders through Railogy mobile app, website and even through WhatsApp. First & foremost decide on your food preferences. Given below are the next steps: 

Order food on Shatabdi Express via the Railofy mobile app or website

  1. Install the Railofy mobile app from the Google Play store or the ioS app store. You can visit the Railofy website as well.
  2. Search for nearby restaurants using the station, PNR number or train number.
  3. Gauge through the list of the restaurants or cuisines available in the city you currently are.
  4. Find out the restaurant you would like to order from, choose your dish, add it to your cart & checkout.
  5. Validate your PNR number, deat details, & contact information like email & phone number.
  6. Choose the payment option you prefer. The methods include net banking, debit/credit card and COD (cash on delivery)

Now just wait for your order to arrive at your seat. Sit back & relax.

Order food on Shatabdi Express through Phone Call

  1. Get in touch with our customer care team at +91 9910424299.
  2. Give the details of your order and specifics of your journey like your train name & number, PNR number & station name to the customer care executive.
  3. Rest is on our team. You can pay at the time of the delivery.
  4. Once you receive the order at your seat, pay using cash on delivery.

Order food on Shatabdi Express through WhatsApp:

  1. To begin with, save the Railofy WhatsApp Bot No. +91 7441111266 in your contacts.
  2. Send us a “Hi” to the number stated above and carry out the instructions to place your order request with the help of your PNR number.

With the assistance of Railofy, you can enjoy flavourful food in Rajdhani Express upgrading the journey.

Why order food in Shatabdi Express using Railofy?

Here’s why you would benefit if you placed your Shatabdi Express food order through Railofy:

  1. Convenience

 Railofy aims to provide a comfort food experience on Rajdhani trains. By offering food that is fresh & hygienic directly to your seat, you are free from the hassles of searching for premium food. Passengers can place their orders easily and allow Railofy’s team to complete the remaining work while they relax during their journey.

2. Quality & health standards

Railofy’s association with prominent restaurants across major cities ensures the delivery of quality food in Rajdhani. The preparation, packing & delivery of food is done using rigorous hygiene protocol, giving precedence to safety & health. Thorough quality assessments guarantee taste as well as health in food options offered.

3. Multitude of options

Passengers can expect a comprehensive food menu which includes Chinese, South Indian & North Indian cuisines accompanied by biryanis, thalis, sweets & beverages. This wide selection of food accommodates every passenger’s taste and offers a rewarding culinary experience for all passengers.

4. Affordable pricing

Another compelling justification for you to order using Railofy is the prices at which it offers the food. Railofy takes into consideration passengers of all budgets, therefore, covering the food options that are economical to everyone and also allowing them to travel at a moderate cost.


In conclusion, although comfortability, safety, and efficiency among others are some of the things that Shatabdi Express trains boast of; the quality and range of foods has always been an issue with this service provider. However, Railofy allows customers to have access to different types of dishes ranging from local delicacies prepared by renowned chefs from all over India thus making it one of those moments where people can enjoy their culinary experiences while travelling around places by train. This not only shows commitment towards satisfying passengers’ needs but also represents customer-centricity in meeting requirements as well as desires for contemporary travellers during journeys. By filling in gaps between what is available concerning meals served onboard Shatabdi express trains vis a viz advanced technological system employed by railofy; it ensures that there’s something new introduced into these vehicles which will cater for holistic delightfulness throughout trips made using them.


  1. How to order food in Shatabdi Express?

Shadabdi Express food may not meet the expectations of certain individuals especially those who prefer diverse food options. This is where the need to order food beyond the Shatabdi Express food menu arises. Passengers can order food in Shatabdi Express using the Railofy mobile app, Website, call or even WhatsApp. You must possess your train & PNR number to place the order via any means. 

2. How to check if food is booked in Shatabdi?

To determine if Shatabdi Express food is included check your e-ticket. You can find it under the column of personal details under food choice.

3. Do we need to order food in Shatabdi?

If Shatabdi food is included in your ticket meaning if you have not chosen to exclude Shatabdi express food, then you don’t have to order food in Shatabdi. In case you don’t prefer Shatabdi Express food, you order food from your favourite restaurants like Dominos, Haldirams, Subway etc using the Railofy mobile app & website.

4. Does Shatabdi charge extra for food?

Yes, Shatabdi Express does impose an extra charge for food. Passengers are offered during the catering services on board, and the meal cost is comprised in the ticket fare making it uncomplicated for the passengers to enjoy meals during their journey.

5. What is the cost of tea in Shatabdi?

Passengers who have not bre-booked their meals will have to pay Rs.20/- for the tea.

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