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How to Order Food in Tejas Express Train

IRCTC’s Tejas Express, which provides semi-high speed, fully air-conditioned travel experiences, is a representative of India’s contemporary railway infrastructure. Even with these improvements, finding wholesome food options while travelling can still be difficult for travellers. Addressing the necessity, is Railofy, a platform for placing direct food orders aboard Tejas Express trains to address this.

These high-end trains mostly serve tourists and business travellers, covering important routes such as Lucknow to New Delhi and Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Through the use of IRCTC’s mobile app and website, our solution makes it possible for travellers to easily browse, choose, and order meals while travelling. This effort promotes tourist, business travel, and social group demands in addition to improving passenger comfort.

Railofy can help you revolutionize your dining experience while travelling through Tejas Express.

Why choose the Tejas Express Train?

Let’s understand what makes the Tejas Express the ultimate preference.

  1. Semi-Rapid Performance

The Tejas Express possesses sem-high speed potential which makes it India’s fastest train, confirming speedy & efficient travel within major city hubs.

  1. Entirely Air-Conditioned 

Tejas Express is fully equipped with ACs making the journey comfortable for passengers irrespective of what weather is outside. 

  1. Premium Class Comfort

Tejas Express caters to business passengers and passengers seeking comfort & luxury. The train grants exclusive executive class air-conditioned chairs with a generous seating layout.

  1. Passenger-centric approach

IRCTC wants to create a favourable environment for the passengers and Tejas Express service demonstrates its dedication towards passenger satisfaction. One great example of a passenger-centric approach would be the compensation policy for delays. Travellers are compensated for any difficulties encountered due to arrival delays. 

  1. Convenient Booking Options

Tejas Express allows passengers to easily book via IRCTC’s intuitive interface. Passengers can also take advantage of options like group bookings to meet the needs of different categories of travellers. 

Tejas Express Food Options

Tejas Express put forward an extensive range of food options intending to cater to a comprehensive range of tastes & flavours. For morning beverages, passengers have the flexibility to choose from tea, coffee or preassembled Nimbu Pani along with cookies. For breakfast, you can choose from the list of vegetarian & non-vegetarian options. Vegetarian meals include combos like veg cutlet & poha, veg uttapam with vermicelli & coconut chutney, and Medu Vada with Suji Upma & coconut chutney. Non-vegetarian meal options include Masala Omelette with Veg Cutlet along with Sauteed Vegetables. Additionally, passengers can also enjoy items like Mishti Dahi or Mago Dahi, Brown Bread along with butter & fruit juice. When it comes to light refreshments, passengers can appreciate cookies, masala samosa tea/coffee along with the choice of muffins or a slice of cake. All these offerings contribute immensely to the culinary experience on Tejas Express.

How to order food in Tejas Express using Railofy?

In case you are not satisfied with the food quality offered by food in Tejas Express, you can place your Tejas Express food order with the assistance of Railofy. Follow the steps given below:

How to order food in Tejas Express through the Railofy Mobile App?

How to order food in Tejas Express through the Railofy Website?

How to order food in Tejas Express through Phone Calls?

How to order food in Tejas Express through Railfoy WhatsApp?

Why order food in Tejas Express using Railofy?

Tejas Express’s food standards may not align with the preferences of all passengers. This is where Railofy comes into the picture. Railofy was able to make a mark for itself & is a desired option for ordering food while train travel for multiple reasons. 

  1. Uncomplicated Ordering Process

Railofy enables customers to order from multiple channels. You can place your order through Railofy’s mobile app, website, via phone call and WhatsApp. This ensures comprehensive accessibility to all passengers irrespective of how technically proficient they are.

  1.  Comprehensive Menu

Railofy’s extensive menu is one of its distinctive features. Passengers can choose from a wide assortment of cuisines like North Indian, South Indian Chinese, Continental dishes, etc. By offering a wide variety of food options, Railofy aims to cater to varied tastes & preferences.

  1. First-rate quality

The hotplate kitchens of Railofy are managed by grocers who have FoStac certification thus ensuring that they have the best quality and freshness. There is no contamination in automated food processing and it meets the high standards of food safety.

Multiple Payment Options

The availability of multiple payment options adds to the flexibility & convenience enabling passengers to either pay online with the help of various platforms or go for cash on delivery options augmenting practicality while ordering.

On-time Delivery

Railofy ensures precision in time which results in on-time food delivery on trains. This guarantees a smooth journey experience. To prove its worth, Railofy also has a 100% food delivery guarantee & refund policy for undelivered orders hence securing customer satisfaction.

These unique features make Railofy an outstanding choice for ordering food on trains as they offer delightful experiences throughout the journey for travellers.


In conclusion, Railofy’s innovative approach to ordering food on Tejas Express has transformed the dining experience for passengers. With an extensive menu, easy ordering process, top-notch quality, and timely delivery, Railofy ensures a delightful journey for every traveller. Say goodbye to food-related worries on trains and embrace an uninterrupted convenient meal service while you travel. 


  1. How can I place a meal order at Tejas Express?

All you have to do is download the Railofy app or go to their website to place a food order on Tejas Express. Look over the menu, pick your favourite dishes, and then finish your order by checking out.

  1. How can I alter Tejas Express’s meal selection?

If you need to adjust your Tejas Express food selection, you can do so by logging into your Railofy account, going to your order information, and choosing the option to amend your meal selections.

  1. Is food in Tejas Express free?

No, the Tejas Express does not provide free food. Meals are the responsibility of the passengers and can be readily ordered using Railofy’s platform.

  1. What are the charges for food in Tejas Express?

Passengers that are travelling through Tejas Express are required to pay Rs.205 for breakfast meals & Rs,155 for evening snacks. The prices for lunch & dinner are Rs.294/- in case the passenger has not opted for the food option at the time of ticket booking.

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