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How to Order Non-Veg Food in Train

The availability of non-veg food on train has been a persistent hurdle experienced by the passengers. The restricted heterogeneity of the food options, absence of freshness and overall quantity of train meals have resulted in passengers looking out for travel alternatives that offer better dining experiences.

Luckily, with advancements taking place in every aspect, the railway industry is taking steps to address issues that passengers face regarding the dining experience in trains accompanied by limited menu options. Actions are underway when it comes availability of delicious non-vegetarian food options on trains, guaranteeing enjoyment through flavourful non-veg food in trains that complements their journey and contributes to the overall satisfaction of their travel experience.

How to order Non-Veg food in Train through Railofy?

Ordering non-veg food in train through Railofy is effortless, irrespective of the medium you use. Here’s how you can place an order at Railofy:

How to order non-veg food in train using Railofy’s Mobile App?

  1. The first step is to download the Railofy app from the Google Play Store( Android Users) Or Apple App Store (iOs users)
  2. Now, log in to your Railofy account or create one.
  3. Add in your train details like date or travel, train number, boarding station & destination station.
  4. Gauge through the extensive range of non-veg food in trains displayed on the app.
  5. Prepare your order by choosing the dishes you like. You can specify your dietary choices, spice level, or any other additional directives.
  6. The next step would be to go ahead with payment. Choose your preferred payment option, which is available on Railofy’s app.
  7. Once the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a message confirming the order details along with the delivery time.

Now take a load back & chill as Railofy delivers your order timely and at your seat.

How to order non-veg food in train using Railofy’s Website?

As an alternative, passengers can place their orders for non-veg food in train by using Railofy’s website.

  1. Open the Railofy’s website on either your mobile or the computer.
  2. Sign in to the Railofy account or create a new one if you don’t have one.
  3. Add in your train details similar to the process you have to follow for the mobile app. The details include the train number, date of travel, boarding station, and destination.
  4. Inspect the varied food options visible on the website encompassing local as well as global cuisines for non-veg food in train.
  5. Create an order based on your desire and dietary requirements.
  6. Initiate the payment process & complete your payment utilising your preferred payment option.
  7. Once your payment is done, you will receive a message of confirmation also containing the details of your order along with the delivery time.

How to order non-veg food in train via call?

  1. If you are someone who prefers to place their order via phone, you can call 7441111266.
  2. Share your train details like train number, date of travel boarding & destination station with the representative.
  3. Share your non-veg food preference and mention customisations if required.
  4. Choose your payment method (COD or online) & make the payment accordingly.
  5. Railofy will now process your order and will deliver your food to your train seat.

Railofy makes sure that your food is delivered to your seat so that you can make the most of meals on the go.

Non-Veg Food in Train Options by Railofy

Railofy offers a wide range of non-vegetarian food options in trains to satisfy the preferences of non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. From spicy chicken curry to aromatic biryani to succulent fried fish, Railofy ensures a delicious dining experience for passengers craving non-vegetarian options while travelling.

Why choose Railofy for Non-Veg Food in Train?

Within the confines of train travel dining, Railofy has materialised itself as an innovative solution, specially geared towards non-vegetarian food lovers. It takes into account the challenges faced by those who are looking for non-veg food in trains adding an element of pleasure and fun to their train journey. Here’s why you should choose Railofy for non-veg food in train-

  1. Cooperative Food Delivery Services: Railofy is in partnership with leading restaurants & food delivery services across the country. This wide-reaching network affirms accessibility of a wide variety of non-veg food in trains accessible with a click ensuring satisfying travel.
  2. Wide Variety & Choices Available: One of the most prominent features of Railofy is the provision of a vast selection of non-veg dishes. Railofy offers dishes ranging from regional specialities to popular cuisines. This allows passengers to choose from a range of options to suit their culinary preferences.
  3. Quality & hygiene are non-negotiables: Quality & hygiene are of utmost importance for Railofy. Consequently, it partners with trusted food providers that guarantee safety, hygiene & taste that meets every traveller’s expectation, removing all concerns related to food safety.
  4. Efficient Ordering Process: Ordering non-veg food in train through Railofy is an uncomplicated experience. Browse the readily available menu, place your order & get your meals delivered to your seats with the help of the Railofy app or website, upgrading overall convenience during the journey.
  5. Unique Customization: The level of customisation that Railofy offers is unmatched, enabling passengers to customise their orders according to their preferences and dietary requirements. This specialised feature ensures that passengers make the most of their meals in the way they desire, enhancing their comprehensive experience.
  6. On-time & Convenient Delivery: Railofy’s adherence to punctuality guarantees prompt delivery. This removes all the worries related to missing out on meals or long waiting times resulting in an appropriate dining experience on the train.

Overall, Railofy has been a pioneer in the train travel dining space, providing non-veg food in trains to food enthusiasts with enjoyable culinary experiences.

Tips to order non-veg food

To take your experience of ordering non-vegetarian food up a notch, take into account the following tips: 

  1. Check out the available options: Researching the train’s catering services or accessible vendors can prove to be very helpful. Some trains offer different types of non-vegetarian dishes, while others might offer restricted choices.
  2. Pre-booking your meals is strongly recommended: Pre-booking meals enables passengers to save time and guarantees availability.
  3. Define your preferences: Please clearly state your non-vegetarian preferences when booking in advance or when ordering on board. Depending on availability, you can choose from dishes such as chicken, fish, mutton or eggs.
  4. Go for local cuisines: In case you are travelling through a region offering culinary specialities, try going for local non-vegetarian dishes. This enhances your experience by adding a unique fallout to your journey.
  5. Make a point to check reviews or ratings: When ordering from a specific supplier or restaurant, check online reviews and ratings to ensure quality and taste satisfaction. Positive feedback from other travellers may influence your food choices.
  6. Dietary Restrictions or Preferences: A passenger can inform the catering staff or food vendor in case they have a food allergy. They can cater to your needs and provide suitable non-vegetarian alternatives.
  7. Timing is significant: Keep in mind the travel time & meal timings while ordering non-veg food. When you are travelling for long hours, it is recommended that you order dishes that remain fresh for longer periods.
  8.  Packaging & Hygiene: Make sure that non-vegetarian food orders are efficiently packed before delivery. Do not accept the order without accepting the order.

Following these tips will ensure you have a pleasant and satisfying experience when ordering non-vegetarian food on trains. Whether it’s a quick snack or a full meal, exploring different food options can spice up your trip and make train travel more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up:

The transformation of non-veg food in trains is a notable improvement in the culinary experience of passengers. Railofy is a significant contributor that is playing a huge role in aiding the transformation by allowing passengers to order from the extensive list of non-vegetarian meals during the journey. Railofy’s partnership with distinguished food providers, an extensive array of menu options, rigorous quality & sanitary standards accompanied by prompt delivery services make Railofy a preferred choice for non-veg food enthusiasts looking to elevate their travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.  Is non-veg food allowed in trains?

Yes, non-veg food in train is allowed. Passengers can enjoy non-vegetarian meals during their journey using the services of platforms like Railofy.

  1.  Can I order non-veg food in train from outside?

Yes, you can order non-veg food in trains using e-catering platforms like Railofy. 

  1. Does Railofy cater to dietary preferences while ordering non-veg food in train?

Railofy enables passengers to provide their dietary preferences and allergies for them to customise the non-veg items accordingly.

  1. How can I track my non-veg food order through Railofy?

You can track your non-veg food order in trains using the Railofy mobile app or website. You can keep track of your food order & receive notifications related to delivery timings.

  1.  Can I cancel or modify my non-veg food order after placing it?

Yes, Railofy not only offers zero cancellation on all orders including non-veg food in trains but also allows modifications.

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