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How to Check Diverted Train Running Status

Train travel is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective ways to travel and that is why preferred by many. However, one cannot ignore the fact that it comes with certain challenges which can have a detrimental impact on your train journey. One of the challenges would be overcoming the issue of train diversion.

Although, train diversions are occasional & are not very common, but can cause immense confusion about new stops, delays in reaching destinations, missed connections & potential discomforts while travelling leading to frustration, uncertainty & difficulties in setting up alternative travel arrangements.

A feature like checking diverted train status can provide the required assistance in administering issues like these. Let’s first understand the concept of diverted train status & the issues it can cause, its significance & highly sought-after inquiry- how to check diverted train running status?

What is Diverted Train Running Status?

First off, let’s understand the fundamentals of diverted train running. Diverted train running represents a scenario where a train either changes its original route or is redirected from its conventional route due to unforeseen circumstances like track maintenance, signal failures, unfavourable weather, mishappening or operational constraints. 

When a train is diverted from its original route, it leads to numerous alterations like changes in scheduled stops, arrival & departure times and overall duration of the journey.

Returning to the primary discussion, diverted train running status describes the present operational condition of a train redirected from its fundamental route. The train is labelled as diverted because of the permanent or temporary change in the original route. The diversion can materialise owing to factors we previously referred to.

The provision of diverted train running status provides integral information about the new train route, updated arrival & departure times, adjusted stoppages & other modifications that passengers must be acquainted with.

Diverted train running status can be checked by using various official railway websites, and mobile apps or by getting in touch with railway inquiry services. Before we address the issue of “how to check diverted train running status?” it is crucial to understand the importance of checking diverted train running status. 

Why is it important to check the Diverted Train Running Status?

While various factors contribute to uninterrupted train travel, checking diverted train running status is one of them. The reason behind this is that it ensures passengers are aware of & prepared for any potential changes in the journey. This progressive approach can enable travellers to move through unexpected hindrances & sustain a smooth travel experience. Let’s get a comprehensive understanding of the significance of diverted train running status.

  1. Updates related to Route Changes: A primary reason to check the diverted train running status is to make sure that you are aware of any potential alterations related to your train route. In case there is track maintenance, signal failures or other unanticipated events, you can plan your journey accordingly. Familiarising yourself with the new route can help you plan better, anticipate delays & make indispensable adjustments to your schedules.
  2. Times & Stoppage related information: The diverted train running status extends the latest information about the train timings and intermissions accompanied by the diverted train route. You can also get hold of the details like revised arrival & departure times at different stations guaranteeing full information regarding train’s progress & possible alterations.
  3. Preparing for Delays: Train diversions result in delays and by tracking the diverted train running status, one can find out about the potential delays. This anticipatory measure can help you make adjustments to your travel plans and allows you to manage your time effectively cutting down on inconveniences during the journey.
  4. Alternative Travel Options: In some cases, route diversions may require alternative travel arrangements. If passengers know the status of diverted trains, they can use alternative modes of transportation, such as buses or taxis, to reach their destinations if necessary.

Keeping track of diverted train running status is important for passengers as it offers regular updates regarding route changes, updated timings, potential delays & the requirement of alternative travel arrangements. Staying up-to-date with the help of official railway channels and authorised platforms guarantees a better & more structured travel experience despite unforeseeable events.

How to check Diverted Train Running Status?

Looking for “how to check diverted train running status?”. Here’s how you can do it with the help of Railofy by following the simple steps ahead:

  1. Download the Railofy Mobile App

Begin the process by downloading the Railofy mobile app, which is readily available at the App Store for iPhone users & Google Playe Store for Android Users. 

  1. Access or create an account

Once the Railofy app is installed, create an account if you don’t have one. If you have an account, sign in.

  1. Browse to Live Train Running Status

Finish your way to the “Live Train Running Status” section. The section has been created to give you real-time updates on train movements that constitute diverted trains.

  1. Enter Train Details

Under the live train running section, submit the train number or name of the diverted train for which you want to check the status. Choose the travel date.

  1. Submit your inquiry & view the status

Submit your inquiry, and Railofy will disclose the real-time data from the National Train Enquiry System (NTES). Railofy will also display in case there are train diversions. You can see details of your trains, including the current train location, expected arrival & departure times, along with delays due to diversions.

By following the abovementioned steps you can check the status of your diverted trains with the help of Railofy’s app. With assistance from Railofy’s train running status feature, you can stay in the loop about the diverted train’s movements. 


Putting it all together, it would be appropriate to state that diverted train running status can be a significant problem-solving tool as it offers real-time updates on route changes, timings, delays, & alternative travel options.

Even though train diversions are infrequent, they can result in confusion & inconvenience. Using platforms like Railofy can help you plan your journeys and make required changes in case of diversions. This preventive approach can save you time & minimise the impact of unanticipated circumstances. 

In addition, knowing the status of diverted trains allows passengers to consider alternative travel arrangements if necessary, ensuring a smoother and more organised travel experience. Overall, checking the operational status of diverted trains is vital to ensuring passengers are kept informed and prepared for any changes or disruptions to train journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you know the train running status on mobile?

It’s easy to check the train running status through your mobile by downloading apps like Railofy or NTES. These apps offer real-time updates related to train schedules, delays & arrivals.

  1.  How do I check train running status via SMS?

If you want to check the train operation status through SMS, please send an SMS to 139 in the format of “AD <train number> <station standard code>”. Example: “AD 12345 02875” queries the running status of train 12345 at station STD code 02875.

  1. How do you check train running status online?

Passengers can check train running status online by going to the official website of Indian Railways or by using platforms like Railofy. Just enter your train number or name, and you will receive the update instantly.

  1. How to check train running status on WhatsApp?

You can check the train running status through WhatsApp easily. Save Railofy’s WhatsApp number, which is 9881193322, in your contact list. Now send a message containing your PNR number to receive real-time updates on the running status of the train.

  1. How to spot train running status?

You can check the running status of trains through the official railway app or third-party apps, visit the official Indian Railways website or send an SMS to 139 along with the train number. These methods provide accurate information in real-time.

  1. How to check train running status by call?

Passengers can find out about the train running status of their preferred train by calling Indian Railways inquiry number 139. 

  1. How to check train running status in the IRCTC app?

Open the IRCTC mobile application and carefully direct towards the “Train Running Status” section. Submit the name of the train along with the number, choose the travel date and the app will show the real-time status of the train.

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