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10 Best Food in Train that You Can Order In India with Railofy

Indian trains have one of the world’s largest railway networks, so it’s no surprise that train travel is a popular way to navigate about the nation. The food is one of the nicest parts of traveling by train in India. Indian railway catering is well-known for its delicious and reasonably priced meals, with a broad selection of foods to choose from.

10 Best Food in Train you Can Order in India

1. Biryani

Biryani is a rice dish flavoured with various spices, meat, and veggies. It is one of the best food in train, and is also quite popular among Indians. Biryani is usually served with a yogurt-based sauce and raita on the side.

2. Thali

A thali is a huge platter that is filled with several meals. It is another best food in train in India, and most trains apparently serve it. A typical thali consists of a main meal, rice, dal, veggies, and roti.

3. Masala Dosa

Masala dosa (fermented rice and lentil batter) one of the most loved and undoubtedly the best food in train, is a thin pancake. It has a potato and onion filling and is eaten with sambar and chutney. Masala dosa is a popular breakfast option in India and may be found on many trains.

4. Paneer Butter Masala

A creamy curry dish prepared with paneer (Indian cheese) and tomatoes, paneer butter masala. It is a famous vegetarian food in India and can be found on many trains. Paneer butter masala is generally accompanied by rice or naan.

5. Chole bhature

Chole bhature is a traditional North Indian meal comprised of chickpeas and fried bread. It makes the best food in train as it is usually served with onions and pickles on the side. Chole bhature is a rich and filling lunch that is popular among train passengers.

6. Samosa

Samosas are deep-fried pastries stuffed with a potato-pea combination. They are a popular snack in India and can be considered the best food in trains to snack on too. Samosas are frequently accompanied by chutneys.

7. Egg Curry

In India, egg curry is a popular food, and it is also available on many trains. Hard-boiled eggs are frequently fried in a spicy curry sauce to make egg curry. This tasty and inexpensive meal alternative is another of the best food options you’ll find in trains.

8. Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is a classic North Indian meal that consists of kidney beans and rice. It is usually served with onions and pickles on the side. Rajma chawal is a hearty and full lunch that is a favourite and considered the best food in trains.

9. Litti Chokha

Litti chokha is a dish popular in the state of Bihar. It is made with litti (wheat balls) filled with a sattu (gram flour) filling. Litti chokha is often served with chokha (mashed potatoes). Litti chokha is a tasty and inexpensive supper alternative.

10. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a popular Indian street snack that is also accessible on numerous trains. Pav bhaji is cooked with a mixed vegetable and spice curry. It comes with pav (bread rolls). Pav bhaji is a tasty and inexpensive supper choice.

How to order food on the train in India?

In India, there are two ways to order meals on the train:

Tips for ordering your best food in train in India

Railofy: Helping you take care of your taste without compromising the quality and hygiene of your meal !

Railofy is a famous online platform in India that allows customers to purchase the best food in trains. It provides a wide range of food selections from various eateries and delivers it directly to your train seat.

  1. Convenience: Railofy makes it simple and convenient to order food on the train. You may order online or via the Railofy app, and you can select from a large range of meal selections.
  1. Choice: Railofy provides a wide range of dining alternatives from a variety of restaurants. You can get Indian cuisine, international cuisine, vegetarian food, and even Jain food.
  1. Quality: Railofy works with only the greatest restaurants, ensuring that your cuisine is both fresh and delicious.
  1. Affordability: Railofy provides cuisine at reasonable pricing. Discounts and deals are also available on the Railofy website and app.

Simply go to the Railofy website or app and enter your PNR number to order food. Railofy will then display a list of restaurants nearby your train station. You can place your order by selecting a restaurant from the list. Railofy will then deliver the food to your train seat at a time convenient for you.

Here are some of the benefits of using Railofy to order food on trains:

  1. You can skip the inconvenience of bringing meals on the train.
  1. While travelling, you can eat a nice and sanitary lunch.
  1. Railofy allows you to order food online and save time and money.
  1. You may help local businesses by ordering food from restaurants near the train station.

Overall, Railofy is an excellent way to order food aboard Indian trains. It is convenient, inexpensive, and provides a wide range of culinary selections.

Placing an order through the Railofy mobile app or website:

  1. Download the Railofy mobile app from the Google Play Store or iOS app store. Or simply visit the Railofy website.
  2. Search by station, PNR number, or train number.
  3. You get a list of restaurants and various cuisines available in the chosen city.
  4. Choose your dish and the restaurant.
  5. Add the dish to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Verify your PNR number, seat number, and contact details, like your email address and mobile number.
  7. Choose the mode of payment. You may use UPI, net banking, a debit/credit card, or cash-on-delivery.

Relax and enjoy the journey while we prepare your meal to be delivered right to your train seat.

Placing an order on a phone call

Customers may place their food order over the phone as well. To place the order, just follow the following steps:

  1. Give a call to the phone number, +91 9910424299.
  2. Tell our customer care executives what you would like to have today.
  3. Share your journey details, like the train name or number, PNR number, and station name.
  4. Just sit back while our team takes care of the rest. The payment can be made through online services like UPI or even Cash on Delivery.

Placing an order through WhatsApp

  1. Save the Railofy WhatsApp Bot No. +91 7441111266 in your phone.
  2. Send “Hi” to this number. Send your ticket PNR number and follow the instructions.
  3. In a few simple steps, you can place your order through WhatsApp.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Let’s look at some success stories and consumer testimonials to get a sense of the impact Railofy has had on Indian rail travellers:

Order Best Food in Train with Railofy!

Traveling by rail in India is an excellent opportunity to see the country’s diverse culture and food. Biryani, thali, masala dosa, paneer butter masala, chole bhature, samosa, egg curry, rajma chawal, litti chokha, and pav bhaji are the top ten food items you can buy on the train in India. These foods are all wonderful, reasonably priced, and popular with both residents and visitors.

List of stations where we deliver food in train

NagpurVisakhapatnamVadodaraPrayagraj JnMathura
BhusavalKanpur CentralBalharshahSuratVaranasi
VijayawadaItarsiMughalsaraiSecunderabadNasik Road
Ambala CantLucknow NrKotaSawai MadhopurWarangal

You’re likely to find something to your liking on the train in India, with so many excellent cuisine options to select from. So, the next time you plan a train vacation, bring your appetite!

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