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Tips & Tricks to Travel in Train at Lowest Fare

People love to travel by train as it is a reasonable and convenient mode of transportation. From short train routes to long ones, you can prefer to travel by train. If you are worried about the train fare, do not worry, as we have got everything covered.

We, Railofy, bring you the top hacks for making IRCTC ticket booking at a lower price. You can avail of concessions, coupons, discounts, and rebates under our features. With our best features, like Smart Recommendations, you may know different trains running from your desired source station to your destination at a time. 

Top Hacks for Budget-Friendly Train Travel

Save your money while doing an IRCTC booking by following our best tips and tricks. Win cashback and discounts, and have immense pleasure on your train journey. You may not need to worry about the high prices of train tickets. You can follow our guide to economic train travel:-

  1. Book Train Tickets in Advance

One of the easiest ways to save money on a train journey is to book tickets in advance. Many trains with dynamic fares have a booking window opened up 120 days before the date of travel. The earlier you book, the lower the price tends to be. You can escape the last-minute price surge due to dynamic fares if booking tickets in advance. 

If you are traveling with a group of friends, you may wish to avoid the hassle of getting random seats on the train. Doing IRCTC ticket booking at the last minute may split the coaches and ruin the whole vacation mood. Instead, booking the tickets earlier may help you get a berth in the same coach and make your train journey more enjoyable.

With Railofy, you can easily book tickets in advance. With our Travel Guarantee feature, you can get confirmed train tickets at affordable prices. 

  1. Split Your Booking 

If the train ticket price is high, you may look for the route that splits your train journey. Then, you may compare the prices of tickets and book the more feasible one. For instance, you can split your journey or tickets if you wish to travel from New Delhi to Patna Junction. Firstly, you can book a ticket from New Delhi to Kanpur Central, Lucknow, or Prayagraj Junction. Secondly, book another train from the above-mentioned locations to Patna Junction. 

You may note that you must purchase two or more tickets, depending on how you split your journey. Also, ensure the train has a stoppage at the station from where you wish to change your train. 

  1. Use IRCTC Payment Card

IRCTC has collaborated with the State Bank of India (SBI) and has launched a platinum card for ticket train booking. You may get exclusive benefits, such as-

Thus, you can avoid using your debit or credit card and instead use an IRCTC Payment Card to get discounts and rewards. Make sure that your card has sufficient balance to make the booking. 

  1. Travel in Sleeper Class or lower class

Traveling in a sleeper coach may save almost half your amount compared to booking tickets in AC coaches. If the weather is favorable and fine, you can choose a sleeper class, which saves a lot of money. You can opt for this, especially during winter or during a complete overnight journey. Apart from that, some Duronto trains are relatively faster than other superfast trains, and some have Sleeper and 2S classes. By booking these, you can save money and arrive quickly at your destination.

  1. Look for Cashback & Discounts

Sometimes, IRCTC offers discounts and cashback. You can check the website and other social media pages for special discounts and offers. Thus, it is crucial to only book tickets instantly after researching.

  1. Avoid Peak Times 

The price of the train ticket can be high during peak times because railways tend to run festival special trains to clear huge rush, and sometimes the railway may add a mela surcharge to your ticket. For example, railways had levied a Kumbh mela surcharge on classes of train tickets during the tenure of the fair. So, if you can avoid going on a journey during peak hours, like weekday mornings, vacations, or festivals, you can save money and get an affordable train ticket. You can pre-plan your train journey to avoid paying a higher price. 

Get Affordable Train Tickets With Railofy

Railofy is an IRCTC premium partner where you can book your train tickets, order food at your train seat, check your PNR status, and more. Forget when you had to stand in long queues in purging heat to get your train ticket. With us, you can make IRCTC ticket bookings at your convenience. With our features, such as Travel Guarantee, Smart Recommendations, and Train Between Stations, you can get confirmed train tickets at a budget-friendly price. If you wish to change your mind and cancel your  IRCTC booking, you can easily do so with our flexible return policy. 

You can follow our top tips to get affordable train tickets and save money. We ensure that all our passengers have a seamless travel experience, and you can visit our website and download the app to book train tickets effortlessly.

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