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Everything You Need to Know About Clone Train

Train traveling becomes an effective choice for most travelers as it is budget-friendly. Sometimes, the train journey plans of people get dropped due to the tickets in the wait list category. Everyone expects to be comfortable on their journey with confirmed tickets. No one wants to get the pain of being into the segment of the waitlist category. Still, we often get into extreme emergencies where no choice is left, and we have to board the train with a waitlisted ticket. In such short-notice scenarios, people do not get the chance to book tickets early to enjoy the confirmed ticket benefits.

Considering train journey problems, Indian Railways actively worked to solve this genuine concern of passengers. They introduced one solution of ‘Clone Train.’ To get the confirmed IRCTC ticket booking, you can use Railofy with the feature of a travel guarantee. Let’s get an overview of the clone train!

What Do You Mean By Clone Train?

Clone trains especially run between demanded routes to manage the crowd; their booking opens much later than regular trains i.e., 30 days in advance. The clone train carries a kind of special train and charges the fare of Humsafar trains which is Mail/ express train fare plus 15%.

Let’s understand this feature with a simple example. Train number 12296/Sanghamitra SF Express has got all the seats reserved for the journey, and there are still many people on the train waiting list. In such a situation, Indian Railways runs a train that is 06510/Danapur – KSR Bengaluru Clone Special Express on the same path as the original train with timings very close to the original train. The clone train usually takes 3 to 5 hours more than the regular train. So, this way, the IRCTC ticket booking of waitlisted passengers gets shifted to clone trains. 

A few updates on clone trains are:-

How Is Vikalp Scheme Different from Clone Trains?

The Vikalp scheme by Indian Railways was started to allow passengers to opt for trains departing between 30 minutes to 72 Hours from the scheduled departure of the original train, in which they have booked a waitlisted ticket. Under it, if your ticket is nearing the date of the journey and it’s still waitlisted then an alternate train will be defined to you from the trains list that you have chosen earlier during the time of booking. This scheme is different from clone trains. Also, a major drawback under the scheme is managing the same time for other trains by passengers. The traveling time for passengers stretches with certain hours due to reservations on another train. 

To overcome this drawback, Indian Railways has devised different optimal solutions to solve the timing problem. The scheme of clone trains addressed the waitlisted segment concerns in a better way. 

India faced the challenge of a huge rush for IRCTC booking during the time of the COVID outbreak, which has raised the demand for this clone train scheme. The government has understood the pain of people meeting their families after the lockdown period. They aim to bring back these hopeful people safely to their homes. 

List of the trains introduced by the government during the COVID times:-

According to this train list by Indian Railways, 5-pairs of trains were operated between the route of Bihar & Delhi towards the East Central Railways. The origination & destination of these trains were Bihar’s Saharsa, Darbhanga, Rajendra Nagar, Rajgir, and Muzaffarpur. Two trains operated under Northeast Frontier Railway for Bihar routes covering Katihar to Delhi and vice versa. Under the Northern Railway, 10 trains were running between Delhi and Bihar, Punjab to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh to Delhi, and West Bengal to Delhi.

Two trains were operating for the South Central Railway, covering Danapur (Bihar) to Secunderabad & back. Additionally, the route South Western Railway operated 3 pairs of trains between Karnataka-Bihar, Goa and Delhi, and Karnataka-Delhi. Moving towards Western Railway, 10 trains were operating to cover destinations of Gujarat(Ahmedabad)-Bihar (Patna), Delhi-Gujarat, Bihar (Chhapra) to Gujarat (Surat), Mumbai-Punjab, Bihar (Darbhanga)-Gujarat(Ahmedabad).

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