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IRCTC Trains With Best Lake Views

IRCTC Trains with best Lake Views, Best Train Routes, Indian Railways Route with lake views

Presenting you, the IRCTC Train journeys with best lake views! What could be more relaxing than booking a IRCTC train ticket and exploring India’s glorious lakes on the train journey? Here is a list of some of the best train journeys with beautiful lake views:

1.Damdama Lake, Haryana

Located at 21 kms from the Faridabad Railway Station, this lake is home to diverse bird species and offers one of the most peaceful train views in the world. You can book a train from your home station to the Faridabad Railway Station to enjoy this splendid view.

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2.Chilika Lake, Odisha

Asia’s Largest Brackish water lake is situated 50kms away from the Balugaon railway station. You can easily book confirmed IRCTC tickets at websites like Railofy to experience the magnificent views during your train journey.

Pro tip: Displaying Breathtaking sunsets, November and February are the peak months for travel to the Chilika Lake.

3.Nakki Lake, Rajasthan

Nakki Lake or the Love Lake of Mount Abu, is a romantic spot for all the couples. Peaceful and breathtaking views, this lake has historical significance as the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed in the pure waters of this lake making it one of the most memorable train views in India. You can visit this lake by taking a train ride to Abu Road railway station. 

As you know, the journey is what matters most. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best train journeys in India—so you can take advantage of all the beautiful views and landscapes, while also enjoying some of the best trains in the country. Whether you want to see a lake during your ride, or just want to travel from one city to another comfortably, Railofy has got an experience for you.

So book your train tickets today and enjoy!

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1.What is the best time to visit Nakki Lake?

April is the busiest month for the Nakki Lake when it attracts the highest tourists.

2.How far is the Love Lake of Mount Abu from Abu Road Railway station?

Love lake of Mount Abu or the Nakki Lake is 28.9km away from the Abu Road Railway Station.

3.What are some of the other beautiful lakes to visit on train journeys?

Ooty Lake (Tamil Nadu), Vembanad Lake (Kerala), Hussain Sagar (Telangana) are some lakes offering aesthetically pleasing views during train journeys.

4.Which is the largest lake in India?

Vembanad Lake is the largest lake in India with an area of 2033

5.Which lake is the most visited in India?

Dal Lake or the Lake of Jewels in Kashmir is the most visited lake in India.

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